Thursday, 20 August 2015

Bo kit la you man are shining stars

Bokit la la la la,
the wrap that makes
your taste buds sing,
Bokit la la la la
the type of food
that makes me wanna bring;

My friends,
people from all ends,
even my continental,
tell them go
forget oriental.

The three brothers,
bring home to my
local market,
bringing cues so long,
might have to double
stamp your parking ticket.

They have fans from
west to south,
the sauce dose the talking
instead of your mouth.

Bokit is the way man,
one try has made me a forever fan,
I love the stall,
but would love a van,
order by the crate,
that's how much I love the taste.

I remember when I first tried one,
last time other stools got my money sum,
it was winter for them
as this trio brought the sun.

They got aura,
style and always smile,
quartz of rose,
Akuma beads,
cooking Buddhas
the Bokit brings 
my stomach peace.

Bokit me once
if you get the large,
Bokit me twice if you get the small,
Bokit me three times
if you're coming back to the stall.

Ques go around the square,
start to wonder if other stalls are there,
one direction crowd, follow it,
it leads you to the front 
your stomach will be proud,
if you ignore it will growl.

I got Bokit fever,
get the sweats when
I ain't got that heat,
someone said
"lets go over here"
in a drug deprived voice I say,

so wicked,
so much I had to
poetically script it...

The food which comes with a dance,
looks beautiful at first glance,
if you are new to Bokit,
I recommend you go in your pocket
and take a chance.

DRUNK... Forget a kebab,
people eat the meat a throw the wrap,
the fact... Once you go Bokit, you don't go back,
but come back... again and again and hope this party
will never end.

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