Monday, 31 August 2015

Hotel Earth

I see the hotel from the outside,
looks very beautiful, so I order
the ticket and choose my vessel,
the reception area is white,
like a sort of heaven,
but angles don't where
gloves and a mask...
it was a rough intro from there...

I am shown to my room,
which had a beautiful view
of the sky and landscape,
so if I am tired of social
interaction or pretend conversations,
I have a place to escape.

After that I go to the dining area,
I guess Earth is more like a
all you can eat,
than a 5 star planet, 
she has been rented by a people 
who facade in self indulgence, 
gorging so much wine,
they could fill a
"3rd world" well.

I walk through the lobby and I
see loiterers who litter,
laughing at the cleaners job,
calling him rubbish as they
stand on a corner talking
nothing but garbage...

I go to my room,
the only decent place
and that's because I can find sanctuary,
I sleep without the plumped up
goose feather pillow,
I hate sleeping on death.

I wake up to go to the pool side,
I am from the one star side of town,
because I get black water with
plastic bags, cans and trolleys
and I don't know what lays beneath
the unseen bottom, maybe fish, I
guess I'll avoid the toxic swim.

Room service ask me was I satisfied
with their hotel, I said
"this has the potential to be heaven,
but right now it feels more like hell"
I was thinking of buying a place
on this planet, but I think I would rather
my original home, to bad my vessel
is a one way journey and the second
captain left as soon as I landed, so
I guess I have to wait in this everlasting fire
until I reach heavens gate.

"Earth is not a hotel,
it is our home,
she is now becoming more forceful,
you can see
it in her Richter tone"

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