Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Managers Mayhem

No one knows a managers pain,
dealing with high stress
from low level complaints.

Having to deal with different sets
of personalities, so don't blame them
if they get angry,
it's only human
and they too are people so treat
them with humanity.

Paper work,
Constant reviews,
New interviews.

If you don't know what goes behind doors,
open up with understanding,
the job role of a manager is very demanding
and the work load is forever expanding.

They get payed a better rate,
but that extra gravy does not make
that steak have a better taste,
more like burnt
because most days
they are working late;

got a caring family,
can't even have a daily debate;

because it's already the end of the night,
as soon as you lay your head, it's already
reach the next light.

Their role is demanding,
but someone has to be in command,
responsible for their workers,
trying to maintain and keep workplace calm.

The manager finds it hard to make friends,
as all the employees see them as a asshole,
even the butt kissers pretend,
only acting for a better position,
as the laugh at un-funny jokes just to ascend. 

I know most managers act hard,
assuming it will get them more respect,
but they're soft as the next human,
your hate only makes them more depressed.

Most may judge and really hate their boss,
but if you ask, they too may say "
I hate my job"
hating from the bottom,
but it's hard to get love
when you are on the top.

Not all managers are cool,
some came from and ego trip
they they continued from school,
So I don't right this for them,
I could careless if they drop
from the corporal ladder
break their back when they fall;

But I write this for the ones, 
who genuinely try,
who make an effort to please their
staff, the ones who will turn low days
and motivate and raise the morale high.

"Managers it's embarrassing when they
make a dry joke and expect you to laugh,
but it is a good tactic to find out
who is kissing your ass"

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