Sunday, 16 August 2015

Year 5 hornet can see your life

Most my days 
I am happy like 
Pharrell Williams
even if life gets 
my friends make me smile, 
have fun like the minions

I'm determined and 
refuse to lose, 
days I may get tired
but that's no reason for me to 
make an excuse

There no need to 
be jealous
I would rather give
you confidence, 
and honesty
than be envious

No matter what I 
will always try
you must walk before 
you run, after you run 
you can fly. 

Never be scared
when people say boo
stand loud and proud, 
and your message will get through. 

I am very excited
life is like a trampoline,  
jump higher and higher, 
thats how I catch my dream. 

Breaking away from the feeling 
of repetition is a nice feeling as it 
speeds up the mission. 

I hate being angry
it makes people sad
it's a better feeling to 
make others smile and 
see them glad.  

No matter the feeling, 
some bring pain
others bring healing, 
the best of all of them
is the feeling of... 


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