Sunday, 13 September 2015

2015 Feed and it's full of It...

"What's the social feed?
not enough to fill me up,
most who comment are 
motivated by greed,
if not motivated by the weed...
yeah I toke, but I  see beyond the smoke...
thoughts are clear as the rum that I drink,
over-proof is what I sip,
you're as poisonous as the chemicals
pouring into your kitchen sink


Should I say less to
get more likes?
on my feed is nothing
but race debates
war babies,
who did not
experience their life,
U.K to U.S,
both our western minds
aren't right.

(U.K and U.S)
9/11 Seems like it's everyday,
every time the news mentions Islam,
people go back to that day,
never to speak on the real terrorists,
who still run their state,
all they do is get facts from their sofa
and put on weight...

Black Lives matter, YES,
All lives matter, No doubt,
race will be race until their
becomes a race bout, I see
it's raining bullets and blacks
are becoming very drought,
if black life matters it is more
in this time and now.

Big brother is back,
but it aint got your back,
celebrities who are low on equities,
camera has been their life,
thus their life is nothing but an act,
so why do you watch that?
because your life
feeds off drama,
or are you scared to
research some facts?

(U.K and U.S)
Stupid sport status (SSS), we talk about
Liverpool instead of the Lakers,
a icon is an icon,
why do we idolize sports players?
exercise with our eyes,
never to see what they see,
better off doing it,
because watching it
is a waste of energy.

Empire strikes back
with season 2,
that's another season to
get lost, but not in nature,
but your couch, your house
and all them fatty foods,
as you watch slim stars,
but when the show finishes
are you going to go on that slim fast?
their future is set, season 1 watcher,
you suckers are living in their past.

British Baker,
fried meals,
not baked,
no fruit... Shoot,
just cake,
just juice,
not from the carton,
but from the source,
eat the core for my core,
6 pack lives where my soul stay:

(U.K and U.S)
Weight... wait...
a touchy subject,
but people put
it on their social plate,
Facebook feed full,
pictures of meals,
man your plates full,
but empty of many
feel yourself
that is aimed
at the women,
stop judging
before any man
give yourself some loving.

This year has been
nothing but race,
Black, Muslims
were the target of the state,
but always been
the enemy of the state;
white will...
always been a Blacksmith,
iron us out,
they even made
Africa Bulimic.

Status is only based on your  moment
of Quo, talk shit when you're "RICH"
want pity when you're broke,
tell me my status has no value,
my opinion is green and relaxed,
not a ego line from the line of coke.

(U.K and U.S)
This year has been nothing but
never to lead your life,
so non researched banter
 is your coping,
U.S lead and U.K
are just copying,
mimic only brings limits,
both eat of social feed mutually,
fat cats behind I-pads is what seems
to dictate our REALITY... Reality... Reality...

"Feed people your talent,
not a British who has talent.
feed people useful information,
not your ignorance about immigration,
skinny thoughts are delivered
by an obese nation"

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