Saturday, 19 September 2015

Winning Day, Singing day (17/9/15)

Love li(y)ve,
About to watch
Musiq Soulchild
li(y)ve with my love,
a.k.a my wife...

What a day...
Had to deal with the court,
Not the one you
bounce a basketball...
Judge, barrister,
But overall it
was a good call.

When the show starts 
I will recall...

"This is a Poetic Service Announcement... 

Reading is good,
read a paragraph
from a book
not a nook,
write don't type,
hands can be used for
more than masturbating,
beyond your fingers
is a world of imagination"

Now back to the show,
both the live one
and the poetic flow...

His Intro go the females singing,
I am so use to moshes,
high testosterone,
but when he came out,
increase the smell of estrogen,
all guys were small fish,
his singing even reeled
in my woman;

Her fan moment,
“I touched his hand”
“You ain’t holding mine with it”
I said
Sounding like a jealous man.

No envy,
But the chakra that was green,
Tapped in and his voice kept
My mind serine, leaving me with love
Thoughts, oh how very clean,
Look at my counterpart,
Enjoy herself, with nothing but a grin,
Happy was the day,
yes it was a double win…

"Musiq brought the storm
how many are going to their 
beds... to make thunder... 
neighbors get double layered
pillows and cover your head"

Love got my heart
like echo location,
frequency found me,
my heart  tapped
into his art;

My brother is free, today was a
double treat... now back to poetry,
a beautiful group performed tonight,
by the name of Floetry,
she had something
of a radiant energy,
healing is her industry.

Rap will keep you wrapped,
singing, attracts women,
Poetry... Urm... makes the 
vocab have more potency.

Very good live performer,
very engaging,
no doubt he was amazing,
even though he got my ladies
heart for an hour,
there was no need for 
player hating,
made it easier for later
when we make relations.

Such a fun night,
We get back to the area
with our own hype,
having a race to see what’s
the fastest root to the door,
I won, you beat me because
Our neighbour stopped to talk;
“telling me I’m making excuses”
You were competitive I saw you run,
The way you were running,
I can tell you were having fun;

Remember when we were young…
I use to jog and time myself,
from my house all 
the way to yours,
be out of breath 
and even more... 
because girl when
I saw you, 
you took my breath away,
You come down in you P.J’s, 
then we
Would go upstairs 
play some games,
Playstation 2, 
then play time with you.

(My attempt at songwriting, musiq inspired)

Forever you are my friend,
it's not how we begun,
but how we are going to end,
the couple who struggle,
then cuddle,
making others see their amends.

The more I heard,
I saw me and you in his words,
Words worthwhile,

Thank you for the date,
needs it after this day,
but now I know my worth,
patience and why karma for the good
is coming our way, no longer mine,
whatever my thoughts,
automatically their yours,
as we entwine,
next date is mine,
and will make it worthwhile,
even if I have a dime.

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