Sunday, 4 October 2015

Poetic Review (Hornet Re-cap)

I am free like the
waters at sea,
I learned to survive
I have to be who
I have to be.

I live, I give,
I run my life,
walk what I talk,
left the false,
chilling with those
who think right,
who goes in the darkness
of their mind
and express it
with pure light,
star seed, rainbows,
your future is bright;

we are the rebels,
this is our
time to create
and not follow
another's rules.

Think I am going to sell my fate...
in a system which condones hate...
tell me I am worth more for them,
but less if I try and create...
I am going to build my earth
not be constructive for the state.

Lets keep it real,
not talk about the sham,
plastic girls, toy boys
FUCK YOU if you selling grams;
another FUCK YOU to those
excepting another's evil plans.

No more will you talk about god
when your intentions aint pure,
you be looking up for a answer,
but you never question your core;
your soul purpose is to learn so
it can be worth more, but you would
rather settle for less and complain so
you will never sore....

I take you to new heights,
way beyond the sky,
we can remain grounded for a while
but I like action because
action helps me fly,
stagnation is not what I do,
I aint that type of guy,
why would you stand still and
watch life just pass you by?

pass me by.... 
more like, 
take me high... 
throw me the challenges 
I like to try, 
I love no limits 
so I am not limited 
to the sky, 

i'm a disciple to what I love,
never hate what I do,
hold it tight and give it a hug,
treat ambition like my hair,
somedays it can be tough,
I am use to the doubt card,
but to those who doubt
I tend to call their bluff;

BOOM come out on top,
put their ego under a rock,
your hard head is now in a 
state of shock,

 as I sparked 
a new wave... 
a new way, 
todays re cap is over 
see you on
a new day. 

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