Sunday, 18 October 2015

W15 Adventures Out The Area

Before the night starts,
I feel good energy in the stars,
I saw two manifestations that came
too when I saw the two people I asked
for from the heart, one was my homeless
younger and the other my kindred,
I see him, then she popped up,
gave him a pound, I go to the ground
but I only have 10 minutes,
so I leave the ground to go underground,
give him two extra pounds,
his luck was good two, he always quoting,
"it's because i'm Irish"
I was glad to see he was sound, 
that's a nice start to the night, 
now let me put the rest of my 
events in this poetic write...

No matter where we go,
we create a new flow,
not to say we always have to rap,
we got conversational skills too,
and in a crew sometimes
all you need is two,
balance personalities,
plus any more 
could make an ego stew.

We get there...

We do what we do
when we enter the place,
find a chair
go with the vibe
at a steady drinking pace,
we go out for fresh air
see a young
lady who feels out of place,
she's leaning over the gate,
but words of care a hand on your shoulder,
will slowly get you out of that state;

So I give her my water,
wait until her friends come,
W15 are genuine guys,
we believe safety before your bum,
we got our thank yous,
that added more buzz to my rum,

We attract all races
many people of different places,
Bel giorno
to my new found
connects of Italiano...

He as for paper,
next minute he beat box,
then we just start spitting from
the top,
then we converse on the new
progression of hip hop,
what makes this connect 
more with the stars,
is he only lives a few bus stops, 
see you soon new found Fratello,
it's the right time 
right rhyme, 
new chapter
you're defiantly part of the plot;

Our unity was shown 
before we departed,
a man from Manchester 
tried bringing some hardship,
we brought the calm because we
were celebrating new friendship,
so the stars were fortunate for him,
because he could have went home
with a mashed lip or broken hip,
but our hop was not about that,
and brought the positive uplift.


So we go back inside,
many female MC's 
rocking the mic,
what better way
to know a woman,
who tells her life
right there and live,
but there are also
those who can try
kill your hype;

one word to be nice
to describe the
girl from last night,
arrogant and the type
of girl I would not
want to see in the light,
made up in the face,
advice when you speak to
a poet your words
better be right...

Left her behind,
now to go forward,
the night was beautiful
and nothing was awkward.

with a goodnight comes bad luck,
must have been in my stars,
brought luck and love to others,
but mine was not in my charts,

PSP water damage,
Skateboard Stolen,
Oyster did not read my
top up, but not was all heart
broken, still got home, so could
not have been that bad of a omen.

"A eulogy for my PSP...
sorry for buying two waters,
but one was for that girl,
seems like it was meant to be,
I will fix you in the months
maybe there will be better
games so we can actually play...
for now R.I.P(laystation)"

I ring my girl,
to tell her my hell,
a long journey I had
and wanted to share,
she sounded grumpy
and all like "I don't care"
I wonder what her problem was,
until I heard the birds in the air;

6am and still wide awake,
you know it was a good night,
when you see night turn to day,
now to fix my PSP,
or there will be nothing to play.

all in all
a good night
with bad luck,
no hangover,
good sleep
and when I awoke
I heard the door 
I smiled at my love,
after all my madness,
my anger was cured by
no words, just her hug.

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