Friday, 27 November 2015

Black Freaksday

Mad Thanksgiving,
Money Thanksgiving,
but no one thanks the pilgrims.
wait it's not my 
place to say,
but what I know
it's not your 
place to stay,
wait wait wait...
just give you 
my poetic take,
although I'm not U.S,
consumerism is consumerism,
if you live in the 
western state.

Black Friday,
my Friday was light,
not white,
weather was grey,
smiles were bright

Black Friday,
black eyes,
adults fight
children cry.

Black Friday,
sleeping under parking lights,
funny how you buy,
but don't buy a homeless man
a meal for the night,
who has to sleep there for life.

Happy thanks giving,
but all you are doing is grabbing,
after you give grace,
straight in 
with some mace.

In between 
money giving,
you broke 
not living,
Santa's getting,
all your money,
whilst you in the red,
debt settling instead of settling.

to not work 
on the day
which has bad intention,
you support evil
do nothing, will give
you bad vibrations.

You want to give,
then give yourself a hobby,
not running to the isle,
then walking out wobbly.

Stampede like it's Jamanji,
roll the dice for a low price
at the same time a mans life,
go home and say I was there,
man could have had a child and a wife,
I ain't even going to ask 
how you sleep at night,

A tradition enhanced by...
all so you can buy a 
cooperate companies are fishing,
you're the bait, as you go murky swimming,
Dark indeed when are swamped,
crocodiles and hippo, the mall is the tank;
retail sharks, bite into your pocket,
a pointless day compared to a memorable locket.

Billions to rich minions,
despicable you,
rob yourself of family time,
time with their family,
smug laughing at your insanity.

It's a mystery why 
they call it black Friday,
it's just another spending day,
waste of pay,
next month you back to broke,
not feeling stoked,
maybe without heating 
feeling cold.

Never thought that people
would gather around a store,
especially those who are poor,
most parents this year 
will not be playing Santa clause
as their Doe Doe Doe 
will be on over pause,

I write this from a 
non consumer view,
but from my view,
it's clear that people 
have become,
royal rumble 
for some new shit,
old habits better die hard...
but for now...

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