Sunday, 1 November 2015

Halloween (Poetic Hornet Treat)

Trick or Treat,
as a man can play nice,
if he treats you special,
he wants more for the price;

The whole world is not like that,
just watch out for the long coat
the mysterious man in the hat.

Oh yeah she was,
she gave you a treat,
Itch Itch Itch,
your lolly is now
red as a cherry,
sucks you let her suck,
now your penis 
is looking scary.

Zombies already exist,
why wear a mask?
When most minds
are already eaten,
walnuts and omega 3,
would have kept their
mind in reason,
knock on my door 
I will give
you no sweets, 
just a bunch
of mineral and vitamins.

Why would I wear the dead,
I wonder in the after do they
celebrate, but instead wear life?
makes sense to me,
as we mourn our mornings
sleep through the day,
rest un-peacefully at night
waking up to the next day,
hating like vampires to new light;

Dark Holiday we love,
Dark people most hated,
Dark side like Darf,
Dark Homes like the Death Star,
Devil will be your invader.

Hallows Eve,
Hello to the dead,
High are the brain dead teens;

Some Adolescence are already little demons,
puffing on the horn, angel dust turn people
into ashes to get the devils rush.

Quire of Satan,
falling angles sing to him,
he will tune into your body
and use you as a instrument.

Vampires are on the hunt,
bigger the OZ the more blood,
virgins are preferred,
but most have been touched,
so he will prefer you give him
neck with your knees in the mud.

October 31st is the eve,
1st of November is the actual day,
replace by Christians
to mock the Gallic way,

Fuck this subject,
I done this for a word request,
the whole holiday is a mess,
see you at Christmas,
not as a poetic Grinch,
maybe a drunken poetic mess.

"The world is already scary,
men in suits are monsters,
chapped lip junkies are the zombies,
people tend to be energy vampires,
this is just another holiday ran by
men who want to send you to the fires"

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