Thursday, 26 November 2015

Heart Express Via My Art

This is what I call relaxing,
letting all your dreams burn
into actuality,
actually I wanted to always
have a individual reality,
people duel so have dual personalities.

I just started another poem,
where is it going,
I get asked but today I wanna
express my heart...
"What's the diagnosis"
HAPPY HEART seems to be the result.

I know the heart can
be broken in two,
that bad relationship,
that information on the news,
give your heart a cure,
by showing it waterfall,
beautiful natures views.

The brain is pain,
the heart is smart,
trade your thinking,
for life's beat,
express your art,
why limit yourself with thought,
feel through life, because as they
say, "life is short"

Long life,
heart enjoys food that help it fly,
Avocado for the cardio,
nuts are shortcuts,
all I am saying is eat food
that will get your blood to produce 
and it will protect
you and put you in a better mood.

Heart only attacks,
when bombarded by fats,
fries and oils mix with beers from hats,
arresting your arteries keeping them trapped,
free your heart, man.. run some laps.

Heart increases focus,
once the idea is in the mind,
so they do work in sync together,
practice it, because it takes time.

Heart keeps me in 
tune with the beat,
let's me express freestyle
by the way I feel
tunes it in with 
the way that I speak.

I know when people look at
me they see no muscle,
steroid heart sucker,
I work on the muscle under...
the chest, who needs the pecs,
if you got a weak heart will not
be able to lift the weight,
Anubis may reject.

Heart failure,
failed to live with heart,
so in the after shock,
it will be broken apart,
"apologies if that sounded a bit dark"

Lighten up,
heart should always be light,
only way to let your dreams fly,
Heavy burden leads to stress,
weigh down by life and you start
to hate and your heart will never
deliver its best.

worst case: 

You live long,
but your heart is in 
constant grief,
live short because 
you don't know
how to eat. 

Heart is green in aura
in the system of the Chakra,
promoting love and well being,
and uses it as healing.

Heart I will take care of you,
Heart, I will let you cry,
Heart I will insure you live,
Heart is why I have a dance with life.

"The Heart has 
one mission...
to beat,
so you can skip
in this waking intermission"

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