Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Love... This Poem You Will Love

Love for many years,
we have transgressed,
it is because of you I am at my best,
I must confess...

I can be self absorbed,
but since I have been with you,
I have learned, 
let me give you my all;

Half stepping fully committing,
we holding down two children,
we chilling...

Not much commerce...
sorry, my mother said:
"she aint no woman if she
love you for your purse"

Purse snatcher no I was not,
heart snatcher, oh yes you was,
it's a bonus you so cool by personality
to me you are very hot;

Don't blush when you read this,
you can just give me a kiss,
what got me hooked to you was
the feeling of your lips.

"Hear me girl,
you are not only
but you have changed my world,
from the day I saw you,
I adored you,
my inner lion roared you,
you took my pain,
gave me much pleasure,
and I applaud you"

Clap once,
for giving me a chance.
Clap twice,
because you gave 2 extended lives,
clap 3 times,
if you feel my expressive rhymes.

Some of this may 
sound emotional,
women hate men 
who show emotion.
Lucky for me you 
are not like them  
you're a wife that's no
doubt considered 
to be golden;

Most want a trophy wife,
but without you 
my shelf would be empty, 
your progress brings
me achievements 
your achievements
better our reality.

A woman to believe in
and not really deceiving,
you don't thrive off looks,
you survive off of feeling;

You felt me all these years,
and I am sorry for the tears,
I was a growing boy,
now a man you made,
"Yo... Girl cheers"

No matter the desire,
the fact it is you who
lights my fire,
Leo inside respects the
strong outta crab you are,
too tolerate me this far,
glad we get along in the birth chart,
maybe it is destiny,
it makes sense 
what we got seems
written in the stars.

I can write about you forever,
but would rather try,
so forever we can be together...
the poem ends, but I hope not us,
whatever the case you will always
have this heart.

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