Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Write because it's my rite

Your physical Vs your personality?
in truth you LOOK beautiful,
but when you speak it just don't
match your reality.

You break me down...
but fix yourself up,
before you preach hate,
you better speak on love;

Love me now,
but hate me later,
whatever your choice,
choose love now,
or forever be a hater.

I try and be your truth,
you want to hear a lie
that will burn you,
instead of soothe.

My mind is at a state,
where I can unwind,
don't wind me up
like a toy,
I will go until my battery stops,
in other words 
I will always be on the go.

Want to fight me,
because you cant fight him?
you're better off defending me,
because I have a vision.

War is the subject,
but war also gives digress,
life is minus,
add to it soon you will not know
how to climax;

Wheres the joy in death?
people crying so you can have more,
whilst they are sacrificed for less...

Man I hate this plan,
god writes the blueprint
and yet it is men 
who runs the scam;

Men are who have it written,
most men clearly do not have vision,
read off a prompter
then prompt us 
to live their mission. 

Men who run the world,
he claims he is about family
until he sees a another girl,
the other girl has a whole
other world, you left a woman
who offered you a life time of
heaven just for one night of hell.

you are not spoke of highly,
lowered by men of all religions,
men who run entertainment;

The world is soon to be yours,
do not ruin it like the beast we were,
bring back the beauty,
and the world shall return truly,
yes men tell lies,
but you wear lies,
why we digress 
is because we both
wear a disguise...

Why explain the complexity
of both sexes all they want to do
as humans is talk about their Exes.

Dare I talk about bombings?
no need people judge,
because of media bird droppings,
sounds too nice,
we are mindless when it comes
to a news outlet,
it is they who tell us what to fear
and what to respect.

No more conforming
with wrong informing,
I don't want to hear them,
it's about my calling;

I pick up,
maybe not drugs,
but a pen and a pad
and in the day a few hugs.  

nothing much,
my boy is editing our album,
thought I would write for fun.

Do not stop writing,
prompt myself,
writing is good for my health,
I get writers sickness,
like how a junkie twitch,
I scratch pen to pad,
that will relive my itch.

I have to write,
for the 
up and coming writers,
the readers who want to
take their thoughts higher,
I write not for show,
it's a hidden desire.

Dare I stop?
No I don't need too,
I think I need a number two,
I guess I gotta go,
I hope you enjoy,
if not take another read through.

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