Saturday, 26 December 2015

Connection Under-Load (Sexicution 1.5)

Connection under-load,
because you want to bust your load,
I love when I see a young couple chill
with each other until the day they're old,
not any more, hand jobs have tripled 
as well as the stock for dildos.

Desktop sex 
got you wanting
someone on your lap
on top of your desk,
no longer awaiting her in the bed,
"get down on me bitch,
better give me some head"

Porn ruins relationships,
let me put in a quick
poetic perspective:

You start off making love,
after a few minutes on porn hub,
turn that love into a fuck,
trust she can tell the difference
in your touch, 
so she goes off to seek someone 
who can remind her
of a back rub, 
not just a back attack 
because her booty suits 
your preference of lust.

It's not just a man problem,
women are just as bad,
they want connection,
but ask you better wear a condom;

yes to prevent disease,
but when he leaves
still feel dissed and not at ease,
and the same emptiness follows through 
as you meet the same men with
the same game, thus you will never
really feel pleased...

Thank you's and please is why
I can see the death of chivalry,
a man holds the door open,
you cut your eye,
like who is he, 
why men are scared 
to go on one knee,
they find it easier to beg on two
knowing it's you who can set him free.

For the men who 
last for hours,
the woman may
feel your endurance, 
but she knows she has
the true power,
as you weaken yours,
when sex comes to a pause,
as easy as it is for man,
it's times two for a woman to get bored;

If you are not on board 
with her state of emotions,
will find your self sailing the same,
as sex is an energy trade,
as well as a trade for pay,
but pay her attention,
pay her in appreciation,
if you can't do that,
then pay for the woman,
who wants to bank your money
not your ejaculation;

Have no legacy just a legend,
going in between legs,
until your penis retires
your sperm cannot ovulate eggs. 

"What happens to sex,
seems people just do it
not for pleasure, 
just do it when their vex, 
they say it relives
more stress, 
but to me that
don't make any sense,
girls used to moan,
now guys moan,
when they don't get no leg,
as a up,
look for a girl with respect,
or live cliche and die from
a Viagra overdose on top of
the chest like Sammy the pimp in 
Malcolm X"

So why can't a man and women 
connect how they used to?

I would say because
back in the day, 
they did not 
connect to the internet,
nor have virtual sex;

time when chivalry was alive
had to impress a woman,
now you can press on any woman
just type your type
prepare for a virtual drive,
as you get your stick in shift,
come to a stop when your fuel
runs out from your dick.   

So when you ask why don't 
men and women connect,
signal failure is what's happening
these days as people sign into porn,
so love is now mourned...
because lust lives on the internet.

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