Friday, 11 December 2015

Let me (W)rap it up...

Communicate with
your community,
know thy neighbor,
give a helping hand,
you better wave to time now
because time might not
see you later.

Now is the way forward,
hate it when a women mention
my past, because for our future
she's just making it awkward.

I'm that type of dude,
who likes to chill on his own,
if we gonna meet,
face to face,
I aint got time for a phone,
you know my motive,
I just told you I'm home alone.

Force no thoughts,
actions should
be lived freely,
walk the walk,
why talk the talk,
slick tongue so I know
you be talking greasy.

Except what I am,
I know I am a black sheep,
but it is clear that most are ram,
mutton runs the nation,
not knowing the pasture
belongs to the lamb.

because I don't
want life twice,
you do wrong once
in this time,
you will pay the price.

Words water walk,
don't compare
myself to Christ,
If I am one of
his sons i'll shine
like the moon,
be the brightest
star in the sky.

I am all matter,
so what's the matter...
my words help me rise
with the gods and angels,
angles whisper...
told me the secret
to climb heavens ladder,
one secret was is ignore the
boundaries of earth,
as it's limitless in the hereafter;

But I'm here right now
and I intend to live
every moment,
time was given to me,
but to survive,
I give it to a co-operation
and now my time is stolen,
once my works are done
I can move to a better life.

A life not of grey material,
but where silver mountains chill,
surrounded by temples which are golden,
waterfalls are my hills.

King living,
it's what i'm aiming for,
once I become king of my world,
Ima build a palace for the poor,
the type of king that will
turn a person of dirt
help him become pure.

I'm all about people power,
power is through the people,
but one can never learn that lesson,
if they divide and never keep it equal,
to sum it up let me add...

Lets just keep it real.

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