Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Sickmas...

Merry Sickmas,
sick when you drink too much,
man how much are you 
loading to your cup?

Santa Clause,
Santa does not have claws,
3 Hoes makes him a pimp,
candy cane, his cup is golden,
with a twist of lime and Jin...

Who is he to advise children
to be good,
when he's in bad shape,
has he seen the size of his waist;

Waste of time,
parents work over time,
Santa is the suit for corporal crime,
as co-operations keep parents in line.

Santa I never
believed in you,
where was my
PlayStation 2?
she got it months later,
so young children appreciate
what your parents have to do.

for years I
myself has had a Missmas,
mummy had no riches,
so you never caught
me writing no list,
mums is in the black list,
forget a red man,
we gotta pay the rent man,
word to you mum,
when I get more traffic,
I will get you out of that Jam...

Let me stick to the subject,
Satan Clause,

the mascot for coke,
icon of hope,
because parents refuse to
tell their children he's a
hoax, hoax, hoax,
better not sell them that Santa
must have missed a year,
then it becomes a season of heart break,
breaking promises,
then becomes a habit,
reward your child the same gift,
if their achievements match it.

Santa I call
animal cruelty
human rights
who build the toys
for your shelves,
wait... you're not real,
but if you were
I would be outside
the north pole
with a Picket

"Santa Santa
children think you're cool,
Santa Santa
I know your cruel
you don't need labor
the whole point of a mall"

something like that...

I know that parents 
keep the myth alive,
to see the smile on the 
face of their young,
but experience 
has taught me, 
if you can't
keep the promise, 
just tie your tongue;

If you are going to speak,
speak on the origins of the day,
remember do not suck your pay,
play monopoly
not mono play,
but all them good
family games,
if there's no presents,
enjoy each others presence,
the season so cold
brings the warmth
of the heart
the better of
humanity's intentions...

So do not give just for one day,
if you can give...
do it everyday,
if you are going to take anything
from this celebration...
it's that you have
the power to give,
now give to your neighbors
you will be one step closer
to give to a nation.

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