Friday, 4 December 2015

War Is Waste

A governments extension,
The Practice of weapons,
so they say is for "protection"

M.P's saying 
"hear hear"
making people think 
fear fear,
most of what they mumble
is not even
clear clear,
any excuse to strike from
the air air.

Terror threat is 
Cameron's reason,
British have terrorized 
for years,
so I am not shocked 
if others want
to give them 
a bleeding,
indirect innocents 
may be harmed,
because of the people 
that are leading.

This poem is not for those
on the social feed,
who show 
temporary compassion,
 put up a post of a 
starving child,
then your food,
post him some food,
new status
"at the post office,
about to send some cans,
and I fed Ex water
bottles to the eastern lands"

The fact we dried up
their springs,
arrogantly with 
metal wings,
brimstone missiles,
from earths ceiling.

huh, yeah
what is it good for,
absolutely nothing,
but the west really 
want something,
oil, minerals,
excuse is extremist
we are hunting.

Islamic State...
Invasion Syria...
International Stage...
Ignorant Slave...

Why people would want
to flee here is beyond me,
why come to a land,
who took yours through
continuous wars?
and they may take you in,
but only in their stores,
put you on shop floors,
eventually make you forget
about the pain they caused.

The middle east 
was a natural peace,
west was always wild,
west is the war child,
western children ask,
"mummy why isn't that
eastern boy got a smile?"

Sad... Parents can't answer,
regurgitated reasons...
Be careful what you throw up,
because your young have to grow up,
if they have the same thoughts as you,
will only stay stuck.

British views
mainly come
from the news,
all people talk is
terrorist and all
that other negative,
concentrating on death
rather than how to live.

"I hate being part of this
western hemisFEAR,
scared tactics is now
public practice...
I feel wars song is almost up,
time to put peace on the playlist"

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