Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Happy New.. Happiness should not be new...

Happy new year,
No happy new day,
it can't be a new game if
the same one you play...

If you are weak to habits
wait to change them in
a calendar year,
the time is now,
voice may whisper,
but it is you who
has to make them loud
speak them proud.

New year,
but still have the old fear,
fight it not later in the months,
but when it's now and here.

Why prepare yourself,
when you have to practice
being ready, lighten your load,
before the end and then you won't
have to make the same resolution again.

Happy new year,
Happiness should not be new,
regret is easily seen if you give
it an over view, putting you under
depression, why you question you,
why you see life as
grey or red
never blue,
dull or angry
never a clear sky,
how comes you watching
for bombs
not aliens in the sky,
foreign people are not the
problem, the problem is the
fat cats in buildings that are high;

High I am a poet,
High by this line you would know it,
Low sometimes I get,
High... am I when I write this?

Back to my point... let me scroll,
to keep the concept in hold...
SO... back to the flow...

You make a resolution,
but wheres your evolution?
seems like words are confusing,
say them without meaning,
say them in your choosing,
words are excuses,
new years is just another
reason for boozing,
be awake in your dream
be in a walking nightmare
doing overtime 

Awake when you work,
asleep when you dream,
your dream
is ideal to a system...

You're souls in a cyber hole,
calendar control,
making FALSE promises 
to want to live,
truth is the 
date to die is unknown,
so if you think 
you're living now,
live now, 
because eventually our 
eyes have to close.

So open,
I have to close subjects down,
so many people 
walking like they
get around, 
judge where they have never
been to that part of town,
been acting like life is sound;

Same music, 
I got different muses
who can move it,
people they get 
in tune with,
if your singing 
the same or bad song, 
they will be first to pick up,
where I would 
genuinely be the one that's clueless.

Seen many who have the 
same old talk,
same racist thought,
same feelings caught,
same lesson,
same test,
same result,


To avoid all of the above...
just have to stick to your cause.

Happy new year,
Happy new me,
this year promises anything,
people are going to know
my energy and this year invites
new friends and newer memories.

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