Monday, 18 January 2016

Job ruled my life.

There is a man who loves
what he does, would put
in overtime because to him
his job was fun,

Eventually he was recognized,
for his hard work had paid off,
got a pay raise and  got on the board,
so in years he would have a guarantee spot;

Going to board meetings,
in the meeting he was bored,
saying if he was a robot he
would pull his own cord.

With more money came more work,
he had no time to think about a family,
his aim was to make one after some fun
and he earned a better salary.

So he slaved through out the days,
the days turned into years,
spent most of them in a pub,
office parties, bickering with work peers.

Moments were spent in shops
just spending work money,
other moment's spent with women
who just seemed money hungry,
none were worthy of love
nor the title of Mummy.

In these times of gold digging
he would rather be alone, 
he needs not a queen
to move in his castle
and ruin his home.

As he got older he did progress,
but life was feeling slow
as he grew older all he could
think about was his death;

What did I do in life?

Apart from,
wondering was this his mission
upon this earth.

Economically, he was never
really trapped, he only worked
for the cheese, box cubical,
known he was another rat in a trap.

He saw no personal gain,
just remember most of his
days are the same,
instead of boarding the...
he stepped off the platform
and took the death train,
never wanted to continue
life as it was just a work game.

"Time spent in a job
just to pay the bills,
waking up every morning,
going down your elevator, 
doing the same routine,
should we not work 
on our inner skills?
so our outer world
can be heaven,
not sky scrapers,
 and steel,
a hut in a forest
and a beautiful view
over some sunset hills" 

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