Thursday, 21 January 2016

Master... "A" Student...

There was once a boy
without a father,
so went out on a journey
and on that journey encountered
a lonely master.

Masters can get lonely,
I mean all it took was one
student to make
his dojo feel homely,
your welcome
to train on my mats
so be ready not to 
get thrown out,
but thrown down,
get in defense
and be ready
for his attacks.

His student was more like a son,
to the son the master is his father,
although he wanted the lessons to be fun,
the overall training was no laughter,
it is because he saw him as a son,
he would push him much more harder,
telling him,
"your body is but a temple,
the true alter is your mind,
your heart is god
your soul is essence
which can travel both
in the now a
the here after"

After here...
the students
mind wandered,
the masters
words unraveled
small developments
in self awareness,
even if the student
was not aware of it,
the master would
deliver words to this
young male,
post him quotes,
whatever jogged his
students gift

"Student progress,
is a masters success,
this will encourage the
student to impress,
the more the master will
be impressed and all that
training together will create
a new bond of oneness"

He encourages a healthy mind,
the only true way the body can unwind,
eat right, to have a good life, indulgence
makes you lethargic, eat mainly for fuel,
don't eat because its in sight,
his master had so much insight;

The type the student
took to his dreams,
when he lays
to rest at night,
in his pillow,
no slumber party
pillow fights,
on his pillow
dreaming of
winning fights,
what he would do
if he heard his
master died,
what would be his
battle cry...

Kung Fu ,movies,
the master once said
over tea
home made bread,
"My boy"...
sipping tea with Chai,
would wipe his chin
with his sleeve
"Kung Fu"
is not a way of LIGHTS...
but a way of LIFE"

The master grew old,
wise as a tree,
the student had branched out
from his roots
created a new leaf,
the master advised
the student to read,
so he can apply his
own unique philosophy,
master wants to see
the advancement of his

Nothing pleases the master
but to see his art become
a good example would be,
the view point of master IP
the advancements of Bruce Lee.

The master eventually
got to old, his path
was laid for the student,
for he was the new road...

The master was grateful for
the students company,
traded lessons for someone to listen,
it was never about the fight,
it was all about the wisdom.

Student said
"Master you will live forever,
for your lessons are in me,
so forever you will be...

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