Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sign Here... Here and they will hear...

After you sign this contract,
you will abide by what we say
until your image dies,
this may include your body;

Which you will change,
not just the clothes,
but some of your parts,
this may include buttocks
or upper chest area
(If you're female)

Males we may ask you
to let us in your back door,
"the key to a higher success"
if you refuse will count as void
and we will discredit you in any
which way, 
if you are not willing to play.

We will cover all 
travel and event costs, 
you cannot give opinions on any
media events, as that counts 
for personal opinion;

You will be subjected to what
we tell you to rap/sing,
you may not involve your political
views as well as your personal religion,
unless it's true... religion jeans,
only clothes, hoes and blow,
anything which goes against this will
be a void and will lose both
dignity as well as royalties.

Most royalties will belong to us 
(The company)
you will get a
small percentage no matter how
big you get,
all side sponsors are controlled by us,
no independent decision
can never be made again.

We are now your family,
friends until your end,
thus will write us
into your will,
even if you don't,
we own you,
after you sign...

Here(good deeds, good bye)

Here(true intention, is now our invention)


Here(break free and you will see)

it's a


"Con words we shove 
down your tract,
as you digest them, 
slowly feel a once 
empty hole
in the process block 
what once
you claimed as y(our) 

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