Sunday, 21 February 2016

Day Went My Way (12/02/2016)

Today was a good day,
found a ten pound note,
NA no thief so I gave it in anyway,
plus it was in my workplace,
they work to many hours,
so who am I to take…

Highlight of my day;
I take a cruised route on my skate,
near the end of my journey,
some young one says
“HEY You wanna game of S.K.A.T.E”

I feel too old to play,
but I play it either way,
he thrashed me,
double the skill
and he’s half my age,
I was impressed
and he had a friend, 
we just
Started are own set 
and practiced,
one shove it, 
one kick flip,
The other 
done a tre;

Triple combo we were,
Different generations,
I was the oldest so had to be the
Wisest, but they were teaching me
And learned more than I thought I did.
So that made day…

Before that was work with the children,
Under my training he has gotten strong
although 3 showed
Me he was impressed, thus has
A new confidence song.
“LA LA LA LA Le Hornet watch this”
Each moment I capture,
I am but a memory when he grows,
But will remember me when he does
His first flip… One big flashback and
Remember all in the school of hornet
From that time of his life… maybe, but
I would like to think…

Then I go Home to my children,
Who are playing a skating game,
Synchronicity we share,
After all we are the same,
Then they change the game
to streets of rage,
my daughter gets to level 5,
then I take over the rest of the way
and play as skate…

Skate all up in this poem,
This day skate was my omen,
A memory I read two days came
To premonition,
I will leave that to another poetic
Description, to explain this concept,
I would have to give you my dream vision. 

Then I do…

A workout regime with my queen,
She looks good to me,
But want to be a better her,
I will love her determination
And efforts, because to me she
Will always have self-worth.

I am glad for my role,
Feel like I have nothing,
But in fact everything,
Motivated friends,
Knowledgeable elders,
Up and coming young ones,
Daughter and a sun,
A wife that has let me feel like
Number one – “Thank you hun”

So who dares calls me number two,
I guess just wanna see me loose,
Because if they had the day I had,
Would find winning is an option

You just choose…   

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