Sunday, 7 February 2016

God Gives Hornet His

Its date night,
me and my girlfriend,
about to see the
Yip man fight,
although the movie
was more about his
moments with his wife,
let me no digress,
write a new poem about
my empress...


O.K let me tell you about
my day February 6th,
I sit and contemplate my gift,
2 weeks prior I get a poetry leaflet,
should I go?

My style is to raw,
there may be children there,
but I feel a headache coming,
maybe that was a old demon
letting me know it's there.

I have excuses...
God told me to loosen up,
he put me where he chooses,
Places of blessings
basements of boozers.

I am nervous,
if anything shy,
for the detox from alcohol
has made me a shaky guy,
so was alcohol my disguise?

NO... far from,
I use it to dive into emotional
trips, but some spells can last
very very long, this is aint that
type of poem, as today I played
ignored the doubtful song.

I got up and went,
said I like performing,
the stage is a place to vent,
I can come cool with the words,
in front of this crowd, there were judges,
but in front of these ones you
could repent,
god love for my Christians,
I judge no religions,
happy you let me
express at your event.

You see god has many
angles in play,
he records your thoughts
puts it in reports,
then sends them right your way,
New Zealand way,
White City, where I stay.

I get to the door,
a face recognizes 
me from collage,
good memory,
now my spirit is
at peace,
a buffet now to eat,
show soon to start,
better take a seat,
but i need a coffee,
no time,
just focus on the poetry.

So in the line up I'm 3rd,
my destiny number is 3,
I was like I guess this is meant to be,
get on stage,
1 singer had performed
plus 2 mc's...
2+1=3 hey that's me,
so I perform, like Kano
doing typical me.

there were 2 more after
the last woman brought some laughter,
but we were all there,
and someone via their story gave me
an answer, but let me end this poem much faster...

So after the acts,
the judges make their decision,
who will take the winning:


Drum roll-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-le-le-le...


I was in shock,
not that I mind a loss,
but I went their to let go
and find my inner god...

and found him I did,
they gave me a prize
for the price of my gift...card
so in return left them my gift,
for they made my day
I thank them for reassuring
my resurrection in
on February the 6th.

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  1. And with that being said, 😂😂😂 remember it well. That's how we do.