Monday, 15 February 2016

Son UP.

When my son rises,
he shines straight to the
kitchen, makes some
toast with honey,
instead of looking at
morning cartoons,
he dives into some reading.

I stand over my son and
he's just my little shadow,
except his reflection is a
vital and youthful glow,
My crystal child and I...
His indigo.

I race...
Damn boy you got pace,
Seems like
I am slowing down with age...
I won't believe that until
you beat me that day,
for now I'm the winner,
but soon to be in second place.

Nothing better to
play some games with
my son,
not just video,
back gammon,
none with a gun;

Call of duty,
more like
call on duty...
clean your room,
cut some vegetables,
then we can kick it and
watch the Incredibles
if your not tired complete
some of those Tony Hawk levels.

Wait... we can't just play the game,
you bring your skateboard and I'll
bring mine and draw chalk lanes,
see who can do the longest manual,
who ever wins can choose what they
wanna do next Saturday.

Me and my son chill,
my sons life will
never be cold,
melts away my anger,
the days my heart is as
frozen as snow, it's even
more warming when
my daughter is singing let it go...

but ima hold on just that little longer,
having you was not just out of pleasure,
but it is me who is honored;

My lieutenant stood up,
and you were my first captain,
and when my son sets
to bed, his aura glows orange,
In school is bright like the sun,
Soon he be giving me knowledge.

I am thankful for your mind,
I may not understand it all the time,
But I know you know I try and will
Never leave you behind...

Rather be ahead, be the best,
My lessons, take some, 
but you will have a new test, 
me, no need to impress, 
you my main treasure 
will always keep you in my chest.

You are 10 
as I finish editing 
these feelings,
When you reach 20, 
will fully understand
this should give clarity 
to certain treatments,
love was tough 
but you got a softer touch, 
but whatever pain I put you through, 
may this poem bring you a healing.

I release this on your birthday,
13 stanzas for your 13th day,
11 you are and hope this message,
reassures you with age.

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