Sunday, 13 March 2016

Glad Got Good Girl

She takes care of me,
where I look in no mirror,
she is my reflection,
her beauty is my beauty,
the fact she keeps it natural'
gives me reason to make no efforts
give a false impression.

Easy to be me
when I'm around her,
other women you
got to put on an act,
acting is hard work;

You have to pay
to get on her stage,
before the stage,
better be a good date,
double dutch these days
don't get you the second date,
she demands single pay,
she has to open her purse,
game over,
insert new notes
to get the next play;

Not me,
insert a coin to help
me on time crisis,
she's my partner
to get my score the highest.

Dating seems like mating,
why men and women
are complaining,
they want their ideal match,
but won't light a match for a candle,
what happen to spaghetti,
violin and a table?

Lady no longer wants a tramp,
but someone who they can trampoline on,
Who will pay for all her clothes
hair appointments in the salon.

My girl rarely gets her hair done,
she is a wild one,
woman of the Wild,
wild women are the wiser mums.

Not a fan of the tamed,
who claim independence,
who conform to get their ways
behind a false appearance.

I see the imbalance,
something to do
with a bank balance?
you won't give him a F
if he ain't got enough
of the the other F,
meaning finance.

No more trust,
unless you have a fund,
trust comes at a price,
these days you better
have them ones.

Met mine when I was broke,
just date nights in,
pizza, wings and Coke,
now we cook together,
with music
some jokes;

"Why so serious"
make some popcorn,
Laugh at
Eddie Murphy delirious,
Netflix and chill
got  people forgetting
about conversation
the better part
of the experience,

I like the wait and the long chase,
short interactions ruin the taste,
if I can heat you up
in 5 minutes,
you can't carry
my bun in your oven,
you're just a microwave,
quick, easy
you radiate;
not like a pregnant woman,
but the poison,
putting men in a sick state.


This reflection was a dedication,
she already knows,
but I want to tell the nation,
that the girl that I got,
got me rising like inflation,
when I am lost,
she's my navigator
helps me get to my destination,
she is my words come to life,
a wife that listens
shows elevation,
thank you your highness,
see you in my next creation.

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