Sunday, 27 March 2016

Hey... this is me...

I feel most days know one even
knows me,
Let me introduce myself
I go by the names of:

Le hornet,
my poet name,
Unpredictable force,
is how people see me,
never know whats coming
is he gonna do a skate session,
a poem or Just M.C.

"That boys got mad energy,
he aint tamed he got a wife
two children and living so so free"

is another name,
elders see universal thoughts
imprinted all in my brain,
sounding not like the others,
children be asking
"mummy how comes that man
there doesn't sound the same"

at the same
time thinking;

"That man is cool,
he put two fingers up
of peace and rolled
upon the wall, 
mummyI want to skate,
it's boring just to walk"

I am a child's hero,
most parents no go,
but if they
then they know...

I am a lesson
my structure
purely teaches
children how to live
and not just sit...
in front of a T.V
I promote how to get fit.

I create and make
real family connections;

"mum, you wash the plates,
son, you hoover
daddy will feed the fish"

"But a fish died" mum implied,
you aint really good at that,
let's swap jobs"

I laughed for a minute,
looked back and saw she was serious,

"ok you take the gloves, I get the cloth"
and we both got straight down to dishes;

all about the tag team,
it feels like hell in that kitchen,
but together we can make it heaven
and talk about our dreams and visions.

There are so many ways
to describe me,
unique life force,
spontaneous energy
many more words
that can reside with me;

Key words:

self expressive
rapid talker,
and last but not least trait,
he is a known joker.

I like to speak and learn through
communication, I like physical
vibrations, not phone or just home,
work or internet connection,
like it live without the wire,
all about the tangible sessions.

Hornet never feels alone,
even when you think I'm out,
I'm thinking in my own zone,
spaced out in hornets world,
planet searching,
which one is my next home?

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