Sunday, 6 March 2016

Mum from your poetic son...


I know you don't believe,
but one day I will achieve,
make enough to go from 
the city to a place of trees,
so yo can just breathe.

London living is not the one,
so if you're stacking funds,
make a rainy day pot,
so you can plant 
yourself in the sun;

soon you will have your shine,
though I am your son,
not the brightest in school,
funny man award, 
class clown,
alongside being cool...

Although it was cold at home,
you always kept me warm,
regardless of my inner storm,
never put me out in a storm,
now we must find a calm...
not once have I ever been 
in your arms,
Nor do I ever open mine...
because we were never close,
why they remained closed.

No mummy memories,
except when you brought
a Nintendo when the 
house got emptied,
you were single once again,
but you doubled your energy;

To me that is super 
and am thankful
for the Nintendo
in fact it was that which later
help me interact 
build connection 
with my little bro, 
him Luigi, me Mario,
I'm the oldest so 
I'm the first control.

But now I am grown,
I will let you know...
you work hard
you need to find time 
for you're growth,
if you cannot do it 
by a certain time,
I will create such time,
if not through rhyme,
you have my 
Hornet oath.

Your first born

LE hOrNet

"Mother let us try
build a bond
007 without the secrets,
you may not read this,
but soon you will hear
me through your speakers"

Happy... Mother I prey...
soon we have our happy day...

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