Friday, 25 March 2016

My Mind March

How many intimidate and
act like they're big?
so many
shot and shot to little lambs,
but they afraid to shoot a pig.

Let's talk revolution,
so hard,
because the actions of:
are in confusion,
research people do,
most people speak
with intention,
but their preparation
is an illusion.

So what about religion?
I believe in a divine being,
because I try 
shadow his light in this life
so his power can be a physical feeling.

So you're no atheist?
No need to be based on my experience,
I have seen life's beauty in his deliverance,
human angles have been sent,
in my lowest time and they did sing;

"You are close to your dream,
a few more lessons
all will be seen,
we only show ourselves to those
who want to earn their wings,
not indulge in sins,
fear not Le Hornet,
just listen out for our hymns"

Do I care for science?
only those who actually study it,
who got all the chemical kits,
not the individuals who debate
justify it to argue religious scripts,
seems like God is found
more in the poor
than those who are privileged.

Any words for the young couples?
I've been 12 years deep,
temptation is part of the test,
so be careful of his flash car
her very expensive breasts.

Advice to a teenage female socialite?
dance in the dark,
but make sure you know who
you leave with when they turn on
the light, drink with a sober friend,
so she can be your designated eyes,
someone who will tell you
"That's date rape and not ice"

But what of the boys?
well your penis is not a toy,
but can break if you
indulge in over joy,
come out bragging,
but stay home scratching,
where Trojan,
but beware of Helen of troy.

I once got told
"man you too emotional"
I said
"Blame the poetry,
it gives my feelings a recall"
then I realized,
he has an anger issue,
take away his hard exterior,
his heart needed a tissue.

So what is my goal?
to keep writing
until I feel a hole,
cover it up,
so I can dig for reference
when I get old,
until then my fans await
for more stories from the hornet,
chapters that are yet to be told
one day be on a shelf as one of
the best sold.

"Writing I do for fun,
Writing because I may
connect with someone,
Writing is my shine,
Without it,
is like earth 
without the sun"

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