Saturday, 5 March 2016

Poetic Child Protector

My role at work,
So I guess I'm a role model
but work with women who'd
Rather model in the building.

My job is simple,
keep eyes in peripheral,
as long as the children are safe
in my sight,
I let them be how they feel.

The job I do is a
woman based industry,
imbalance for the boys
who want to wrestle
play fight to burn energy,
but that all changed
the day they hired me.

Occupation - Early years,
Age group - 3-4 years,
Hours - Short compared to my peers,
Work ethic - The most energetic,
Reference - My manager... she approved this big kid.

Where to start...

I have a kin ship with each child,
they have a tendency to copy me,
because I'm like them,
free and wild;

wild in my hair,
wild in my personality.
it is I Le hornet who gives
them another perspective
of an adult reality,
I am their physical definition
of the meaning be happy.

The whole world is my playground,
why I teach the young ones
how to get around,
but we must also: 
stretch and sketch, 
then create our home made 
assault course
"to get our body the best"

I stretch their imagination,
not just their body, 
I make them believe
they're more than their size,
that no limit is too high,
if you really wanted to,
"you could touch the sky"

I have jumpers,
long and high,
cartwheel with handstand by 6,
as his teacher I can see it.

I have ballet girls,
who love to ask for a dance,
stand on my feet telling me
"that's what I do with daddy"
sometimes call me daddy,
a memory I trigger of
something they did
with their father,
plus I have two,
I can be a father
to any child,
that's what the
natives use to do.

I also have good
hand writers and artist,
they are my calm
also it can be comforting 
when I sit, 
known in my preschool
as the most active; 

But when reality takes a slip
and has to go dentist,
I have to go through a reflection period,
But only to make him more
aware after he repairs,
but man that could have been serious.

My influence is strong
and seems it will live long,
in the actions
of these children,
as we exercise through
role play,
active stories
and song,
my young ninjas
you are winners
before you leave me,
I will make all of you strong.
"I am forever in your core/soul...
in your first handstand 
remember me,
as I will 
remember all of you
who inspire my teaching ability"

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