Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Poetic Field Trip

On a school trip with year three,
about to go to the center of ecology,
I go as a helping hand
log the day through poetry.

I am the back man,
but in my head I am Batman,
looking for a badman,
I am a protector like a wolf,
who leads from the back,
I'm going into my imagination
let me stay and keep on track.

So we walk with a excited bunch,
the last were two boys,
who talked about games 
their joys,
I smiled and listened,
caught a flashback vision,
but their moments 
were so detailed,
instant bond building, 
no codes, 
decoded feelings 
in real time,
so hard to explain 
in rhyme...

So we get through the park,
views of no buildings,
just many trees 
the sounds of these children.

We Finally get there,
warm, but i'm cool
from the swarm of bodies
hanging back,
because they think I'm cool,
as I answer all their questions,
one by one
enhance their thoughts,
by what they were asking,
many are Jedi's 
hold the force.


Stuffed animals I see, 
vegetarian I am, 
you know sort of like that
Ace Ventura scene, 
but with a quiet scream, 
"What a lovely room of death" 
maybe not as dramatic,
I am no drama queen.

Learning about plants,
"I'm stumped"
but learning with 
these young seeds,
they seem up to speed,
knowing names of 
birds and flowers, 
knowing the job of the 
birds and the bees;

When I was young, 
I heard an different version
 of the birds and the bees, 
but they need not know 
about that this
grade threes.

So you think...

I got ask by a boy
about peacock feathers, 
I said 
"they're used to impress the girl" 
Something I heard 
from David Attenborough; 

This is the 
"So you think" 

He said 
"what about humans 
impressing girls?" 
I said 
"it's pretty much the same, 
but replace them feathers
that are colorful 
for bright cars 
shiny chains,
but you will not 
have pillow for brains,
dreams of such women,
get an educated one who will
help you target your aims"

I gave him a
7 year old answer,
people forget,
Hornet is that wise father...

... Ok first 
final boast,
this poem is about 
you being a host,
they invited you... 
it's not about you,
but the all... 

Alright... Sorry...
I am near the end...
I will stop... let's GO...
I'm about to finish the flow...

Plant games are exercise,
with learning how seeds grow
via stretching
moving side to side,
plus it was cold outside,
most did not want to play
went off their own vibe;

Teacher trying to keep the calm
to these children of nature,
who love to pick,
throw a stick,
meadow skip,
all that natural 
park behavior.

Now were learning about beans,
knowing they want to jump,
but they're sitting,
learning and listening,
but there are a few 
moving position,
went from a straight line
to a scattered formation.

Now they are planting and growing 
their baby like Fern Gully
"Help it grow"
like the mother fairy says to Crysta,
that film made me respect nature forever;

One young girl spoke 
of a secret garden, 
I thought, 
a place where Hexxus 
cant harm them,
her personal sanctuary,
from the environmental toxins. 

It comes to an end, 
lunch time, 
adventure playground, 
nothing but laughter, 
a reassuring sound 
of happiness exist, 
the days are grey 
for those in an office, 
but florescent for me, 
in a green park 
with multi cultural 
pumpkin patch kids.

On the way home, 
I get on the bus, 
with a request, 
"can you sit next to me" 
I answer,
"of course willing learner, 
I have so much to 
offer and teach" 
told them, 
"life is a mystery, 
but yours to imagine 
live you can that dream"
maybe that was the wisdom
of Martin Luther king.

I had learned,
they are fragile
need molding,
so I do that with care,
make sure I use my ears,
never shrug off their tears,
turn it into a smile
trust me... 
They will remember
you in coming years.

My Last words to the class was:

"Stay smart,
Keep a good Heart
You will get far"

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