Saturday, 2 April 2016

Rich man or master plan?

The Master taught me
how to teach,
so I pass my knowledge
onto the children
through responsive answers
to whatever their need.

The Rich man taught me
how to prepare a business speech,
how to become a money leech,
suck the people dry
from a high office
treading on those
who are beneath.

The Master taught me
inner understanding,
the rich man taught me
outer gain,
he said:
"in a physical world,
nothing really matters
apart from matter,
which brings you pleasure
not anything that can
bring you pain"
he had seen many full
to their demise with the
high roller drug cocaine.

The rich man showed me the
power of making money, told me;
"I work for more than
the butter and bread,
it's the drive to strive
and get ahead, be selfless,
win for you...
let the rest lose"

The master rejected
in response said:
"Work not just for material,
sew your clothes out of wool,
use bamboo to build your walls,
simple living without the struggle
and daily training will keep you driven,
a life not of competition, but personal winning"

The man of business
never done his dishes,
referred to women as bodies
made for services;

The man of many of lessons,
he saw each food as an essence,
trained many young girls
turned their body into weapons.

The rich man,
was popular
with a crap personality,
he knew the money was
the reason why he hung
with acquaintances instead of family,
he already brought their love,
he feels that everyone is a user,
finds it hard to trust,
are they in it for the fun or fund?
contemplates this with
Maximo extra anejo.
a very expensive rum.

The master told me:
"money makes bitter people,
who end up sour... Never knowing
if they just be(e), will endure a sweet
experience and enjoy their nectar,
and even share that honey"

The Master said
"learning was wealth
and do not do anything
just for self"

But The Rich man said
"don't trust no one,
money can be heaven sometimes,
but will bring you a lot of hell"

The rich man had
mastered his plan,
his way of life was based
on the rules of the land,

The master always
felt like a rich man,
his way of life,
not way of plan,
respected his soil
nurtured it by hand.

They both taught me lessons,
but only one teacher could
grade me,
I choose to
live and give
among my fellow man,
as there is no tool more worthy
than the wielding of knowledge.

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