Sunday, 17 April 2016

Shaping poetry (square dance)

Square most people are,
people drive in a square car,
have square conversations
on a square phone
with a square tone,

People shop in a square box,
classical Conditioning like skinner,
rewards from working in a cubical
seems to make these squares
feel like a winner.

We work in square offices
a.k.a the four walls of gossip,
then we go back to our home
watch a squared vision with
squared package microwave meals,
then go to our square bed under our

square quilts.

I may go in squares on this poem,
I can only really cover four corners,
corner 1 is my corner of fun,
corner 2 is a nice view,
corner 3 is a desk for my creativity,
corner 4 is is where I keep my draws.

If I extend from my home corner;
in street corner 1 is what most would
be seen as a bum, I may give money if
I have some.
in street corner 2 is the non working crew,
by the time I do my circle run to work, remain
in the same corner, but louder due to daytime booze.
in street corner 3 is the police with an early raid waking
up the whole of my city.
in street corner 4 there's a Starbucks;

in street corner 5 there's a Starbucks...
in street corner 6 there's a Starbucks... corner 7 8 9 10 11 12...
how many Starbucks are  on each corner of this earth?

Any way squares are cool,
squares done the best in school,
I was always sent to the squared hall,
a room mixed with class clowns and fools.
wish I use that round ball in my skull.

Square C.D in a Square cabinet,
now it's transfer from a square computer,

to a mini square flash drive stick; 

Square dance to squared beats,
movement use to be free,
now it's a boxed venue with a
squared screen, pre settings,
no longer taking circle vinyls out the box,
nostalgia, them 80's dance sessions.

Square eyes I have from
squared characters
from a squared shaped machine,
video game pixels 
were dotted colours
connected to a big back known as 
before this glamourous H.D,
which delivered via a thin rectangle,
it's evolved cousin known as L.C.D.

Square is the most dominant shape
Of society next to circle,
so part two you will see me around,
until then get out of the box
pick another life angle.

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