Monday, 16 May 2016

2016 Love Muse Love Blues

Looking for love in 2016,
For men they find it hard
to look for a queen,
someone who can make them
feel like a king,
seems all they want
is the castle, the side piece;

All is like chess
with the opposite sex,
you play her to get
in between her legs,
she plays you to get
a piece of your cheque.

The type of girls I hear about:

The taker,
The time waster
The ones with the mouth,
the one with the mouth usually
gets sent down south,
the ones that are cool
usually chill up north
see the star in you awakening
helping you build your inner force.

The girl that takes,
is the big mistake,
she's unbalance in many ways,
it will be you have to please her,
both in sex and material gains,
never to go half on a date,
so will never have a whole man,
but a hoe man for a life time mate.

The time waster,
the one who will take
all your time
find you make compromise,
says "I want a relationship"
but still playing many guys,
keeps you on the tie;

She may give you deep throat,
not deep conversation,
those girls slowly waste away,
rotten physically,
until no one wants them,
because they used time,
time made the wrinkle lines
in their decision, time hates talk,
so my advice find someone to walk
down the isle until your life's transition.

Love me for my word,
Love me for my worth,
Love me through my best,
Love me through my worse,
Love please see my gift
Love don't judge me by my curse.

Love has only been conversed,
why speak, rather be the law
of the universe,
only when you let her down,
you will fall with her and it will hurt.

women it is your time to get up,
but if you are going to put down,
how is a man men to stand up?
just on his D**K,
when giving you a F**K
but silently crying
for some real love, 
rather than lust;

I know lust man,
who just wanna buss man,
boys with their toys,
women indulge,
so do they really 
want a husband?

love In 2016 seems pre-teen,
like most are still in high school
when it comes to this love thing,
too much ratchet music,
hips forgot the love swing,
lust is still in effect
as well as hating,
when will we grow up?
or forever sit not living,
just love debating.

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