Monday, 2 May 2016


Avenger comparison,
Rogers, Steve,
Hit me as much as you want,
I will not leave,
Have the power to team lead,
I got the high friendship moral,
I'm gonna keep fighting with you Bucky.

I should be more like Hawk Eye.
Eye on my family...
but I must protect humanity,
so they can see a better reality.

I have a friend built like Hulk,
Man them can't shake his hand,
But like agent Romanoff,
sing a lullaby and give him that hold,
he only smashes when you
drive him out of control.

I have skate friends
who take flight falcon,
take to the sky's via skate bowls,
no fuel,
pure wood,
saving the Eco,
they're doing their part 
to save the globe.

Most my friends have
a tiny bit of Starks,
creative geniuses who add 
their ego to their art,
they also have a steel heart,
won't die until they see the change
they've played their part.

I have a War Machine,
he got my back,
he will arrive at the scene
to fight the nightmare with me
so I can see out my dream,
word to my closest friend
with you I don't need a team.

But eventually
in my a-friend-ders
civil wars happened,
I saw the pretenders,
called them out,
but never heard my shout,
now I am but a whisper,
only gossip and wonder,
but I have no need for vengeance
like the Black Panther,
who's father died in Wakanda.

I remember there 
were 9 of us
divided into 3 
teams of 3,
individual politics 
effected our gifts,
call me Professor X,
this they may not see,
but we will know this effect
at a different time energy,
wish I was Bishop
change our young minds,
re write our history;

I wanda if they want
to control their vision,
see what they desire,
but destroys the mission.

We fought,
but it went passed talk,
we all knew the path we walked,
seems like when one walks
the isle,
they put friendship 
at the bottom of the pile,
starting to see what you hate
about those who at one point
made you smile.

I guess we all believed
in change for the better,
but when we got changed,
something in us changed
like the London weather,
friends who started in London
and hope we could end this together.

"Friends fall,
because the ego is a fool,
all that is left is the
psychological fight,
and there is nothing cool
about friends that psyche,
friends become enemies
in plain sight"

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