Friday, 13 May 2016

Black Mirror

"Black mirror...
Clear mirror,
hide behind the light,
but one day you will
have to see the shadows"

For what are shadows?
A silhouette of regret,
if you put the concept 
in your head,
realize you run from
past shadows,
which haunt you before
you dream,
but the shadow turns
the dream to a
nightmare instead.

Shadow men always get
brought to light,
a demon from a previous
hell shall rise
bring fire back into his life;

The demon may contour
of that twisted mistress,
you wonder
"oh man, why this bitch"
to late as she
comes with a blaze
wants to bring your world,
your current girl
ruin future relationships.

Dark in the night the
shadow strives for life,
if it cannot be seen,
will haunt you on the inside,
close your eyes
only see a dark shade
With a white outline;

Please not another premonition
from a mother 
who sees her young boy
with police standing over his body,
oh no, please not another black killing...

We wake up to the sun,
dark shades shadows everyone,
the world is color,
black is your choice of view,
White can lie, world is grey why
We are all confused.

Shadows most people sleep with,
no lights, 
just a grind for the night,
all I ask is you disappear 
before my mask
reveals in the next light.  

Shadow is a ninjas heaven,
patience in darkness,
eventually the light bulb will
shine above your head
all will be clear to see... 
your mission ahead...

Shadow harnesses
the darker secrets,
self absorbed by lie,
so would rather hide in the light,
where it will be out of sight,
you know the saying
"Want to hide something,
do it in plain sight"

Shadow hunters
look for
shadow runners,
justice must be brought to light
like a thousand summers.

Your darker shade may
keep ants cool,
when the heat shines on you,
will feel just as small,
shadows hate exposure,
thus prefer to hide in you or a wall.

In the darkest hour
my shadow will be no more,
the light of my judge will shine,
expose me like a photograph
in a red room like a whore;

And I will be 
naked and shamed 
my shadow will either 
be covered in light
burned in the flames.

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