Saturday, 4 June 2016

Ali Ali Ali... Miss thee...

First Boxer known to me?
Muhammad Ali,
first book read, although I
had Malcolm X,
didn't feel ready so instead,
I read the other M,
his autobiography gave me
laughter and a better understanding of him.

Favorite character in fight night 3?
you know the answer?
Muhammad Ali,
if I cornered you expect a speedy flurry,
I was fast with the buttons like him with the feet,
in the game he felt like a butterfly
definitely stings like a bee;

My brother would be Frazier,
Thrilla in Manila,
rematches until the early hours,
I would be the winner,
giving him Ali combo showers. 

Muhammad Ali he was
tall and wise like a tree,
down to earth with his roots,
he knew his history.

Muhammad Ali
you live in peoples heart,
boxing was not much of a picture
until you brought your art,
29th of October when boxing saw this star.

Cassius Clay,
god made him in his image
and said "you cannot touch this face"
so go gave him a good
offense and defense with a unique pace.

He had a child like attitude
Kept his opponents confused,
They really wanted to whoop him,
But he's lightning in shoes.

An icon of his time
he was wicked with the rhyme,
he didn't only have a wicked punch,
but had many wicked punch lines.

So many wise quotes
experienced notes,
serious behind the scene
could put on a show.

I was never a boxing fan,
but i could watch this man,
his heart, his desires would
speak through his hands.

Muhammad Ali is poetry,
so am I and I write this for him,
now he's in heaven,
boxing with legends,
infinite rounds in a golden ring,
Rest in peace to a boxing king.

"The peoples champ,
the greatest,
Louisville Lip,
thank god for your existence
you will truly be missed"

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