Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Cherish thou Forever

Cherish her I will forever,
She set a stage
that made things clearer,
Help me reflect,
because me,
I never look in a mirror,
only time I see myself is via photos,
where people thought I lost,
it will be her that makes me a winner.

At the time I was in a place
of keeping it real
and you know he saying,
real recognizes real,
my brother Shiv recommended me
and the rest got laid out
by the power of gods will.

It's moments like this,
that make you realize
your close to making it,
at a time where I wanted to quit
or had no idea how to go forward,
just doing what is natural like Greek yogurt.

I now radiate a new confidence,
I will not replace it with arrogance,
so easy to do when you gain
a little personal prestige,
but to me that isn't healthy,
it may be good for the ego,
but bad for the heart flow.

What is a man in 2016?
A watcher of lust from a screen?
A party pill popping prick
who wants to get between a slit?
Whatever the description,
they better watch a Hornet perception,
because I make it look like a different mission
alongside others who have the same fatherly intentions.

It's out there, weather you care,
so use to not having care,
so those type of men are out of sight,
but watch it in H.D and you will see
there are men who wanna be there
for all your needs,
as long as you help them steer,
look at him more than
you look at you in the mirror,
vanity is not a reality,
but loves insanity.
To those who never believed,
now you will have visual evidence among
your free-view or sky T.V,
just tap below on the,
but to really get to know me
I still encourage you to read.

I write this at 5am,
excitement becomes sleepless nights,
When you finally feel like your living,
you don't want to close your eyes,
no longer counting sheep
but counting how many times I tried;

youth engaging

Eyes starting to close,
these are the few thoughts,
I recall so I dream how to
improve these flows.

I write this with excitement,
I write this for her,
again you are forever cherished
I thank you for this
forever see you in my heart,
connected via media and poetic art.

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