Friday, 3 June 2016

Her Determination From His Observation

Your fear is my fear,
to not see you complete your second year
because you are distorted by doubt,
so will try and make these words clear.

To your children you are a hero,
to me you are an example of growth,
a dedicated woman who has proven
barriers can be broke,
that personality alone made you steal the show
among high prospect candidates,
but I know who holds the true midwife glow.

I have seen your tears,
I cry to the heavens,
I ask the divine,
“do not worry for mine”
please lord give her what
she deserves, I say it in my
preys and through this poetic line.

I learned the power of encouragement,
how far it can take an individual,
words practice, you make them real,
made me start listening to myself,
now I have a new confidence and appeal.

I will see you through all your lows,
cook the dinners alone,
get the children to help me,
leave you in a quiet zone,
I will prevent the mothers moan,
for I will explain,
your mother is not far from her goal,
and we must help her to get close.

Your victory is my victory,
if you win, I win,
it would prove we are a power team,
every team has a losing streak,
but momentum picks up,
why as a power couple
will be hard to beat.

You have come a long way to quit,
you are already 2 quarters in it,
I know you can finish it,
when you do,
I will applaud from the back,
you will see my silhouette;

Why not in the crowd?
I saw it all from back stage,
I rock stages,
time for me to be at
the back of the room giving you
watching others give you praises.

Know there is no pressure,
you may feel heavy,
with my support
will be light as a feather,
whatever the storm we will fly together,
right now you may not believe in yourself,
but me…
I will believe in you forever.

Le “Midwife bringing her hype” Hornet

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