Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Poetic Detox, No Cost

What a morning,
was it from last night,
first time in a long time
I over indulged,
this rarely happens,
I am a lunch cover 
who missed breakfast 
so had a huge appetite
for a small guy.

Left over Stroganoff,
girlfriends eating out,
so I add pasta 
for 3 in a pot,
just in case I want 
a second mouth,
I have one, 
full asleep,
wake up 
finish the next two,
got a message from wifey
"any more food?"

I got the message as
I finished my last spoon
and she walks in the room,
Classic scenario of
"I just got your message"
but I was so tired to explain,
so I said 
"I will order you a Pizza"

A birthday supper
sweet gesture,
told her get me one...
GREED is kicking in,
I hardly eat like that,
now I feel like a sinner
having a fourth dinner.

Let me explain,
I am of a standard
weight for my height,
dominantly a adaptive
vegetarian diet,
but my body eats more
sub vitamins in a week,
than others can do in a month,
not to boast about my
personal health,
half these food 
I do not like,
but it's not about me,
it's about my body
I want it to sustain life,
I am that type of guy.

So back to morning,
where I am yawning,
but my stomach is fighting
from over indulging,
I wanna hold my girl,
but my bowels I'm holding,
Having delirium thoughts like,
"That's what it feels like to be Italian"

Food will make you think strange,
in these times food
makes your body change,
why once I saw it as a resource,
now I see it as research,
food is no longer the same,
I'm not trying to impose
my beliefs,
just think for your body,
because for your body
this is not a game;

Some foods play games
with your body,
milk was my main enemy,
got me scratching,
going toilet,
mad chemical reaction,
felt like nuclear reactor,
my stomach would impload,
then BOOM...
out my A...
I will not make that word whole;

in other words I did not feel whole,
as it effected different parts,
so eventually I got older 
more body smarts,
feeding each organ became vital,
especially the two most valuable,
my brain and my two hearts,

What do you mean Hornet? 
"two hearts"

first heart to me 
being my soul,
food without soul 
is it's preference,
but this poem is not about
dietary comparisons,
my body was built 
out of compassion,
blame god for some of my thoughts,
allowing my eyes to 
speak this information,
I just want you to 
avoid inflammation,
forms of cancers,
all them new age poisons,
to them,
we are a curse 
on this earth
why they feed us turd,

I have learned to fast in many ways,
1 way juice, bladder more the bowels,
no need for tissue, leaves or hand towels,
maybe just raw, nuts for bones, teeth
and it works like a relief,
even a week of eating greens and leafs,
make a difference for sufficient living,
I wanna see all my people last long,
long life, earth shelf,
I love my friends and Family
let me just keep it real.

I write this as I am in my
last cycle of digestion,
you need not medicine,
just a light diet for your stomach,
please stop feeding it weapons,
but give your stomach a break
with healthy intentions.

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