Saturday, 25 June 2016

Refer-run away from-them

U.K wanna separate
from the E.U,
Britain the biggest separators,
Britain the en-slavers,
They enslave us;

Us could be U.S
they even have a
hand in their set,
until they "claimed"
Britain has always
been separate,
fuck a patriot,
he knows none
of his history,
just happy
he's on the winning side,
but it's all a political ride
that ride is boring,
Got most people snoring.

What is this separation?
I may not be up to date
but what's the difference,
I write with
Bob Marley deliverance,
are we not one nation?

One love...
One people...
Earth is our home
let's keep it real...

This has no sense,
it's nonsense,
coming from a country
who broke
half the world
into fractions,
based on such
ignorant actions.

Europe is Europe,
Britain is Britain,
they're all but conquering nations,
France, Italy, Spain,
whoever owns plantations,
in time of war,
it makes no difference,
they will fight together,
so it's a pointless separation.

Thus whole Euro thing is Trash,
is it really over workers and cash?
Or just another political act?
whatever the reason,
separation is wrong,
as humans we are
meant to interact,
this clearly shows our efforts
are in trying to
get along as a mass.

Immigration seems to be
the main argument,
but that will not stop,
just lower, but remember
Britain stole people,
send them back;

I am sure they will
not hesitate just ask
any black man from the
U.K to U.S.A,
I like looking at diversity, 
not the same snobbish, 
over proud race,
who can hardly cook,
Hornet loves an
international plate.

U.K got their break,
now can Scotland leave?
as they did not want to stay,
U.K will say no
as they always get their way,
P.M... M.T... T.M
Margret Thatcher reincarnated
through Teresa May,
same initials reversed...
peep the Hornets word play.

Man I wonder
if my vote would 
have made a difference,
they have a set plan
for their system,
ask me do they care if they
destroy Britain,
now it's mixed,
they want it back
but not to black,
seems we have given
into Zionism.

Euro 2016,
but many Europeans
who are part of the u.k
may get sent back
to their country,
I don't watch much football,
but imagine it's going to be
a mono, one colour,
and no longer a rainbow league.

It's all a one world order,
the main two,
Britain and America,
the only two countries
left in hysteria,
confuse their public,
as we believe in those
we deem superior.

I started this poem,
during the vote,
gathered research
broke it into this note,
in the words of the comedian
as I watch these men
"It's all a joke... one big joke"

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