Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Women Who Work With Worth

To the ones
Whom understand,
women they are...

They could tell
when a man was not a man,
this day I don't feel like the man,
the only stability is my dream plan...

My dream is interrupted
by nightmares,
I live with love
a lot of care,
but so do others,
I write this for them,
thanks to them
my day became cleared.

I am a man of peace...
I feel at peace
that I
work with women
with worth
can see when I'm in hurt,
not try to antagonize
make it worse;

You know...
the girlfriend type,
when you go out
of character,
think you're an actor,
they set the stage
for the argument,
but don't direct,
love comes
with respect.
I feel that I got that,
no explanation needed
as I skate back,
good managers got my
back during this bad act.

After they dismiss
due to my mist,
I see a clear sun
he skates alone,
so together we're a hit;

We chilled,
even he had a bad day,
common denominator
is we both skate,
as we speak words
we have connection,
we speak as strangers,
but there's something beyond,
create a new bond,
taking me out of an
angry dimension.

I walked like
I wanted to run,
the world today 
seemed no fun,
but eventually
after a conversation,
life did not
seem that glum.

New day,
new play,
Children will see their hero
In his old way,
with new lessons,
Always enhance the sessions;

But it's not about me
their parents,
this is about
the understanding
of my two managers,
who see with eyes
of empathy...

Not everyone has a 
bright day,
but they were
my twin Suns
who avoided
a day that felt grey;

I write this with focus,
mixed with rage,
today was not about the wage,
it was about more than
one bad streak,
but one that lasted for
three days.

In the end I made
a new friend,
walked into a
new beginning,
so where all felt lost,
I start with a new winning,
this day was all laid out
because of the nature of
I thank these two women.

"I am under a woman,
but so are many,
we all know where we come
from... you know the part
under the belly"

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