Friday, 8 July 2016

Are you afraid of the dark...

Most people are
afraid of the dark,
but soon their prejudice
will come to light;

In front of their god
will be asked,
why did you
be little a fellow race?

What are you gonna say?
because I don't like the
colour of their face,
make a joke like
these people loved
getting a police chase,
eyes were not blue,
so I sprayed it with mace.
Whatever your reply,
you will be instantly
denied from his grace.

Black is now an act,
no longer a backward cap,
just a catchy attitude
learned via non sense rap,
but it don't make sense to charge
a people who built
your stolen land tax;

Seems like I'm to light 
to spit black facts,
being light in this time
is conflicting,
darker men with
words of light
hate my skin,
still programmed
with the lynch system,
dark against light,
dude wrote this over
400 years ago,
and here you go...
in the now,
we still fight.

Are you afraid of the dark?
do you walk down the alley,
behind each dumpster is
a hungry corpse,
eating nibbles left on a
chickens corpse,
you don't imagine that when 
you're sipping wine
playing Polo on your horse.

Got our children working
in the buildings their
ancestors built,
getting paid asbestos,
we buy that poison
after work indulging in guilt.

Hey you...
The one who follows
the views on the news,
when understanding
black issues,
make no points,
just point and say
"all they do is rob people
and pass joints, in the prison
system, they have the highest points"

What are you really afraid of
Mr cop?
Na you get naked
let's see whose gun
is really bigger,
one reason why you wanna
intimidate and kill a nigga,
so you can go home
with more balls,
but stick to the facts
in the bedroom,
most know what race
is the winner...

But beyond the bedroom,
there is a place called heaven,
I have no army, no guns, so this
poem is my weapon,
I write this with good intention,
but such a continuum subject,
I do prey it get's kicked
to another dimension,
not for me...
but the rest who hide it
still show it in their 
physical presence.

This is a poetic statement,
race is not a concern of mine,
mixed, so I live mine,
I will fight for no side,
only the earth cleaners
if race is still alive 
in my babies time,
then it shows humanities 
non evolution,
so heavens gate they will be
locked for those who
locked away the brothers
that were forced to do crime,
in death I will understand 
why I wrote this
poetic rhyme.

"If there was no word for race,
nor discussion of such,
let's assume we would go
around straight killing each other,
until there is no one left,
if there is one of each race 
left over... I ask...
would you then give a fuck,
reproduce and have sex?"

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