Saturday, 30 July 2016

Nice Guy Finish... This poem

I'm Such a nice guy,
not because I have to be,
but it's better to be kind,
but it's just as easy to be cruel,
especially when you are getting
tested by constant daily fools.

I'm such a nice guy
that I would help a fly,
I may free it from it's web,
pro long it's life,
hoping it don't get caught twice.

I am benevolent enough
to give my last piece of money
to someone who is homeless,
it's not about the karmic gesture,
it's because kindness
is part of my powers.

What's the price of being nice,
kindness is taken for weakness,
If you're unkind, I will just move
you to my lousy list, 
to keep you around my life 
may decrease my happiness,
nice people have no time 
for such repulsiveness.

I am so gracious,
I help elderly women
carry their rice,
teach young boys football,
young girls how to
choose the right guy.

I am so nice,
mean want's to be my friend,
I am that nice,
I might even invite mean in,
chill and play games.

Being nice is not a job,
being nice don't require a boss,
being nice is not part time,
but full time,
don't just be nice on a day off.

I'm so amiable,
you can trust me with your spouse,
you won't smell me in your bedroom,
catch me where you left me,
Playstation 3 and your couch,
some friends you just can't leave
him, her and the house,
you can leave me without doubt,
because kindness is all I am about.

Funny when a nice guy is angry,
and when he discards you,
you come back to tell
him that he's rude,
because he said
"Please leave me alone"
in a civil tone,
but took it as attitude.

Being nice has its reverse,
you become so nice
people test you and you may get cursed,
I got so good at being nice,
that know one could make me feel worse,
it's better just to say nice things,
let someone know their worth.

I am nice in these war times,
Oh how hard it is to be nice
when witnessing heinous crimes,
wishing I could absorb all their hate,
reverse it on the heads of state,
I'm so nice, 
I could only write,
hell is where they will be,
I think I will stay nice,
the only way to heavens gate.

"It is said nice guys finish last,
but that's because 
horrible people are seen first,
I've been nice most of my life
when you're nice 
through your daily living,
inevitably you become
number one in other peoples life,
never to remember you're last,
all because you remained polite"

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  1. I once met a native American lady,the wife of a coworker
    She was the first and to this date
    The only native American I have ever met
    After some brief conversation
    I asked her to say something in her language
    She asked me which one
    It turned out she was half Sioux and half Arapaho
    I said "Sioux!"
    She seemed to sing her reply
    Nuanced with loving tone and inflection
    Like a love song
    I had no need of language
    To understand or discern
    Beautiful,sweet,peaceful sounds.
    Not at all the language of uneducated savages
    I asked what she had said
    "You are a really lovely man"
    Was her kind reply
    Always full of confidence
    I joked
    "Yeah and modest too!"
    Her voice
    Every word of her reply in English Was laced with the comprehension
    Of miscomprehension
    The pain of centuries
    Of enforced shame
    The self recrininatory shame
    Of a defeated 'brave culture'
    As I was left thinking
    'Why would a brave culture have a word for modest?'
    In that moment
    I felt the collective shame
    If a world
    I barely half stood for anyway.
    It is a shame
    That their must be victors
    They always write the histories!