Sunday, 24 July 2016

Peace Earth, A War Conflicted A Turf

Current Time,

I am looking for peace,
for those in the west and the east,
but it seems like it is not a time
for a peace speech,
If you make a speech of peace,
then you're just another meek;

I have shown patience,
people have humiliated me,
in that case god,
give me earth
so I can set her free,
as she is but a victim
to mans technologies and ideologies.

Putin Poetry,
through my rhymes,
many lines,
I tried to warn my people
in the west,
but they seem at peace
with these problems,
because nothing has happen yet,
we spend money like it's water,
knowing our economy is in a drought,
especially the U.K and U.S,
so peace for these countries will not be next.

Peace warns those in the west
who are black and white,
your civil disputes will eventually
kill you both off, if you do not
put your differences aside,
if a truce is not soon met with them,
by the whims of war,
will both just die.

Peace seems to be easier
to find in death,
I say that to say this,
How many wake up out of bed
to hear another is dead?
such thoughts disturb your peace,
as all you hear is death from battles,
civil wars, all sorts of bloodshed.

The word peace will only be a word
as long as war is active,
seems anyone can write a peace speech,
but in littoral peace seems to be placid;

How to except an
up rise from men who are limp,
peace they could sweet talk all they want
but will never get it in,
peace waits for the right person like a virgin,
but most want war whores who promise perversion.

It seems we have to pay for peace,
I mean we pay for warfare,
peace will have to be paid in blood
for our children to get a share,
I would die for peace
that's how much I care,
rather than live through continuous battles,
making you not want to be here.

But I am here
yes I am happy,
you could say I have harmony,
I am a peace keeper in my provenance,
call me the London bob Marley;

I could sing
"One Love"
get shot by many haters,
I could scream
"Equal rights and justice"
be martyred by police
race baiters...

These songs I will not sing,
as much as I love Bob Marley,
but at this time of write I have 
the mind of Malcolm X who said 
"It's time to stop singing and start swinging"

Peace needs to be stood up for,
peace is the excuse of many to go to,
but also a reason for us to go to war,
peace is now advertising a poster saying
"Your Earth Needs You"
so are you going to join?
because she really needs
you to fight for her core.

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