Monday, 29 August 2016

1..2.. Freddy My Poem to You

Most recent encounter,
outside one of our brothers
court hearing,
you're early,
I'm skater late,
but all got sorted in that moment
as he got released on the same day,
drinks all round, a reason to celebrate,
your words to me:

"You are a young man I have always liked,
you take care of your children and wife,
you will do well in life" I know he meant it,
He's my uncle Freddy not just any drunken guy,
the uncle who will diss my skate fashion,
because he likes to dress nice.

When you spoke to my female,
you would tell her your queen 
was in band seven,
tell her, 
"you better get on every question"
his was a nurse I had a midwife,
we alright, women with a profession.

First drink we shared,
Napoleon Brandy,
as I introduce myself through rap,
Bajan accent V.S my London slang,
I remember your reaction,
you made me feel
like the man.

I was the rum runner,
skate to the shop,
alongside the rum,
Guinness, dragon stout,
height of summer
and I was about,
learned my limits,
because for the winter 
I tapped out.

Parties in Arts studio,
nothing but reggae roots,
you were one of my elders who
taught me the old school,
Richie Spice, Sanchez and more
Caribbean artist who got you to groove.  

Segregate Uncle,
around you I never felt uncool,
late night dances until the next morn;

Early morn, drinking until we yawn,
party plate and a debate,
how we roll, 
we could have gone 
through another Heineken crate.

I remember I had a resolution,
where I told myself I would give up fish,
then you served me two different styles,
this was a tempting dish,
I said NO, 
put a W in front of the I wish,
but you respected the discipline,
it was going to be nice, O.G seasoning,
so I got two plates of rice, 
beetroot and a dumpling.

Who needed a bar,
you drive, I drank,
having conversations in your car,
long journey, so the wisdom went far.

You would visit me sporadically,
chill with a little leaf,
have conversations about the daily,
where you would end up kissing your teeth,
then you would go into a state of reasoning
and go back to your inner peace;

Peace you are in,
Peace for your teaching,
Peace for your constant believing,
Peace for random healing,
Peace may you rest in... 
Until I see you in the next dimension.

1... 2... Freddy I will miss you,
3... 4... You're an angel who soared
5... 6... I will see you in Pics,
7... 8... See you at heavens gate... gate... gate... 

"Dedicated to my O.G uncle Freddy,
you came at the right stage of my life,
lessons I learned through you, thank you
for keeping it true and just know, you will
be missed by your poetic nephew"

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