Monday, 29 August 2016

conversation with my demon PT 5

Demon -
You are vulnerable, you opened your soul with the rum,
the fire, which hits the bottom of your stomach,
you can not imagine the magnification that same spirit,
being your spirit in my kingdom.

Me -
Well fallen one, I will not see you in your abode,
this is a hotel stop, eventually I'm going to have to hit the road,
but I'll call you when I need you again, darkness to me...

Well to you is only a temporary friend,
where I am travelling I always follow the lights in the sky,
not the ones planted into the ground,
the moon guides me until the sun wakes up,
so sorry I can't sleep with you forever.

Demon -
So why do you continue to drink?
are you not afraid of the gate you have opened to me?

Me -
I am not afraid of you... I can jump your fence when I want,
you cannot imprison me and if you succeed,
I still have the key;

I cannot let you lock me out in so much space.
I am on a beautiful rock right now and there is no reason to hide,
she has so much to show.

Demon -
You only say you are not afraid because you have not seen me,
you only imagine and guess what I will come as your assumption
and in unexpected forms, all I need is your signature.

Signature? what, I ain't signing your forms,
I can't read evils language...
but yes I have seen you,
you are nothing but a a reflection of my LESSER CHOICES;
If I want more, I am sure I will not see you in HIGHER DOINGS.

Demon -
If you live those choices out long enough, TEMPTATION  is a calling,
like the whisper of a chasing mistress who speaks through eye contact...
and trust me when I say...
so you will meet me face to face.

Me -
And if that's the case I will fight you until I see the LIGHT...
Sure you will have advantage as it is your arena,
but when my crowd of angles come looking for me, I will be lifted, their faces I shall not see,
but their voices I will hear and they will be singing the hymns of victory;

Knowing I faced my demon,
you see there is a balance to everything
and in the underworld the rules are no exception.

Demon -
LIGHT we're going to do battle in the DARKNESS...
my minions will be tearing you like wolves to an elk,
your guardians would not even recognize you.... HAHAHAHA

Me -
We're already fight, we're fighting in darkness right now,
you are just a voice in my mind, so when I close my eyes,
I can be where I want, if I use my visual and block off my audio,
I have five senses and I choose to taste you at this present moment.

Demon -
You keep up these temptations, I'll be more than a voice,
I have seen your weakness.

Me -
But your only strength is to MANIPULATE,
you are just a host and I invite you in, and like any bad host,
if they don't want to leave...KICK THEM OUT! you are just entertainment,
you make me happy some days, upset on others, I do not deny you,
because I need to except you, to love my hate will only cause less conflict.

HOST... I live in each sip,
go get merry and know the mother of Jesus will not hold you,
the father will disown you,
and you will have to come to the only open arms who will take you,
but not take you lightly, your heavy burdens I shall chain to you...

As you crawl at the level of your own guilt,
crying forgiveness;
but you shall be unheard, but not unpunished...

Me -
You speak to me and expose your most innate fantasy on what you would like to do,
naturally you're a sadist, your pleasure is watching me in pain,
but to me pain is a lesson which eventually,
with many falls...I will pass.

Demon -
Keep saying that and you will fall with me. Before the pit,
I will expose you to your life's MISERY.

Me -
Misery?...whilst I am here, I am here to solve and go beyond life's MYSTERY,
my misery is at my own whims, there is nothing you can show me,
I am not ashamed to repent also,
my choices are also made from my hearts voices,
 so, no decisions will be made without reason.

Demon -
Your words can only save you so far boy...but they are mere words.
you speak in parables and metaphors,
yet, have no know real answer in what you believe in...

Admit your downfall, you will not be able to climb out my pit,
it will be bottomless as the refills of a high society mansion party,
lost in your own torment, spiraling until you feel sick of what you see,
then you hit the ground, it's dark and you will feel HEAT...

You will curl into a ball of fear, like a hedgehog to a threat,
I will stand over you laughing at your despair,
simultaneously lashing you with my hot rod DRIVING you out your body
and all I WILL see is your spirit....

Me -
Did you not know, that first there was light and second there was word
and at that second I was born, not a prophet, but the other P... a POET...
I am a muse and here to amuse, inspire and make people laugh,
your threats are empty... you are FULL of  REGRETS...

You want others to hate themselves because of LOVE,
where you got rejected and never wanted,
you were the balance to this world,
your role has as much relevance, but I will not be your ball;
I will not curl up, I will straighten up and FLY right...

Right to the top with my wings flying alongside the arch angles...
looking down on my lower self,
because at this present moment in life...
I know...


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