Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Hornet 31 - Jaden 13

A party with me,
no age limit,
children to adults,
we gonna share the energy.

There's a gamer van,
I don't want to walk in there,
they are but children
I know 
I would be the man...

So I thought, 
it was the last call,
but the game was not duty,
smash brothers,
final fight
I know he is not worthy,
until I saw the sign GAME,
the player was my son,
I felt proud of him,
with personal bitter shame.

The Guy and I banter about the retro,
streets of rage, sonic and Mario,
Sega, P.S.1 and generally Nintendo,
no time to update on Pokemon go...

So I go and see my daughter all alone,
I am not that type of parent
to give her a tablet or phone,
but I saw her with a ball
said come let's roll,
more like kick,
even got my friends 3 year old kid,
we started a passing game,
which eventually lead to catching,
attention span got low
so the game became lame.

The current party,
is My 13 year old godson,
not seen him for awhile,
Missed out on most his fun;

But as I'm here,
I'm still going to have fun,
I speak to a child, 
she was one of the young,
4 but sounds like she's got a 
6 year old tongue.

First interaction,
She drops a wing on the floor,
I say
"Don't eat that have mine 
I'm a vegetarian"
She says no with her face,
in my mind I congratulate,
as taking from strangers 
is a no no,
even if one comes 
across benevolent.

She starts off asking me
to help her with a party popper,
not that type...
remember she's a year from five,
I help here with one
the rest she bites with excite.

She then ask for some
help with the balloon,
I take it down from the ceiling,
she saw a story,
telling me she was jack
she had the bean,
I was the giant meant to be asleep,
then it went from the story
to asking me 
about her favorite color pink;

So we google it together,
means all sorts of things,
key words:
unconditional love
represents a good nurturer,
depending on the wearer.

Eventually she becomes
board of me,
hence why I wrote this poetry,
Subject matter inspired from a young
up and coming young lady,
I thank you,
young inspiration,
young muse
a humorous soul to be.

"The situation is not as you may want it,
like Darwin I am adaptive,
for children I am naturally reactive,
some parties I am mellow,
other parties, the performer,
this one I was virtually interactive,
as well as randomly creative,
today young souls you were my music"

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