Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Midwife It Will be Alright

Finally she is on year three,
final year and I am proud of she;

She has come far,
I remember your exam anthem,
Lupe Fiasco "Superstar"
and soon to be on the midwife radar.

I don't remember your first year,
but your second was full of fear,
I remember how much you would tear,
I would remind you of my vision of victory
and it seems my vision is very clear
and regardless of what you may think,
madam... you have persevered.

You have overcome doubt,
people underestimating,
you made it this far if we were a tag team.
would be ultimate champions,
when you win I will choose the anthems.

You have a cool group of friends,
who help when you were in need,
I thank them, especially S-85 she
your balance buddy and you both
deserve this victory.

Midwife, main wife,
let's not label, you are about
to live your main life,
sorry if I ever made you feel low,
but i really wanna see you rise,
no matter how much you fall,
I will raise you, the fact you try,
Ima make sure you smile through this year,
ima make sure you have no reason to cry.

I can only right so much,
but all I can offer you is
support and love,
if you make it, I make it,
no ego, your heart is my heart,
as much as I encourage you,
you encourage me in my art,
let's finish this together so we
can have a new start.

I would sleep when you watch
call the midwife,
soon you will be on call,
coolest midwife known
in the west London zone,
may get me paranoid asking his lady,
"whose that on your second phone"
maybe not as on the other side will
be a woman with a long groan.

I would listen to your midwife tales,
I remember your first delivered child,
the screams of the mother you would explain,
your description of your encounters I felt their pain,
but also understanding the inside of your brain,
you knew more than you thought when you explained.

Thanks to you I am aware of:
Shoulder Dystocia =
babies shoulder rubbing on the pubic bone,
types of diabetes,
type 1 is insulin control because of high glucose,
diabetes type 2 is I think is diet controlled...

Enough of numbers...
but not to forget your birth numbers
you are on baby 34,
the 40 train is almost
their only 6 more
placentas and umbilical cords...
you are almost there my midwife
and close to your award,
where I will stand proudly at the
back with the first applause,
one thing I know for sure...
you will be the best name on the ward,
so my earth bringer go fourth
and get a first on this final course,
even if you don't I'm proud regardless 
my Rose Quartz.

"12 Stanzas,
after you make it this year,
soon you will be,
you are the light at the end
of a child's tunnel,
and a beautiful face they see,
I will write this at the beginning
of the year and write another in your...

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