Sunday, 14 August 2016

Poetic Vowes Hornet Howls

Wedding day,
let me start early,
because I don't
want to be late,
wait... it is also two
of my children
from works leaving day.

I kept a promise to my
two ninjas, I wanted to
see them and give them
some last minute wisdom,
share a croissant
some Fuji water
telling them their future vision,
simultaneously one of my managers
are helping me print my tickets
and poetic speech for the wedding mission.

After goodbyes without any cries,
as the child told me,
"I will see you, although
I'm going, my little brother
is staying"
they gave me a hug,
so my day already
started with love.

I leave the building
to go and print the gift,
it's only 10am,
I got time to print this rhyme,
I couldn't, but my girlfriend
sends the P.D.F,
Pretty Damn Fast...
her speed to my lack of organisation,
makes the day light 
before this joyous occasion.

Printing done,
I have time to have fun,
drop the bike back to my mum,
thank my little brother for that,
he made the day have even more sun,
without that bike
that morning could have been long.

So I skate forward,
feeling good,
by myself a drink,
sit in the park and read
what I wrote,
as I read it I smile
say I am proud of my bro,
now let me go... back... I left
my gift the shop,
that's twice I forgot,
my phone was earlier,
absent minded omen is
on me, I better be careful
of such before something gets lost...


Fast Forward;
On the way to the wedding
I just made it on time,
to the train station
not church destination,
I'm telling myself we are late,
my girlfriend keeps the positive vibration,
thank god she did;

We get back on the train
I see a mutual friend,
I did not know we were
on the same carriage...

Long story short,
he put a smile on my face,
I'm Like hey together we can be late,
he guides us to the church
and in the timing of god,
made it before they shut the gate;

I wanted to scream Hallelujah,
throw myself to the floor
in front of the church floor,
but instead I act cool,
sneak the back, sit down
like I was there way before.

A beautiful reception,
A beautiful Sermon,
beautiful guests,
watching two beautiful persons.

The rings exchange,
they celebrate down the isle
with a dance train,
the happiness is clear in his face.

Family and friends
photos being taken,
 with the dashing bride
her groom
next destination
was the reception;

unsure of how to get there
we hitchhike a calm ride
with the humble Saudi
expressing how back home
the roads are treacherous
so bad there are 9 year olds
behind the wheel,
as we're talking of children,
realize we have one of each,
expressing as fathers how we feel.

Destination made...

In a primary school playground
feeling like a kid again,
reminiscing by the school fountain;

I see an open toilet
free myself from
the tight wedding attire
expressing my freedom wearing
 yellow shorts
the grooms
favorite rapper... Tupac...
an artist we both desired.

Wedding bouncer kept calling
me my girls name
her mine,
We get in and leave,
waiting for the groom 
the bride,
wedding vibes 
are still on a high...

So I thought...
The Security guard 
who was the joker,
got serious,
told me my clothes
don't match the
reception service,
I was already in,
man... He let me in,
the situation was confusing...
but today is my 
brothers wedding day,
for him 
I am not losing;

So I re change,
go back to Clark Kent,
just so I can finish the event,
I could have been superman drunk,
but I would rather be a super friend.

Finally I made it in,
in time for most 
of the speeches,
I see a friend,
who don't see me,
it's like we are playing 
hide and seek;
He finally sees,
he walks over in his
hip hop physique,
the way our hands clap,
is like thunder,
re kindling old school energy,
but why God, why God,
did it have to be 
whilst the best man speaks?
Word to his Chrome heart,
why he was the best man for my G.

After the ceremony
the first dance,
I look across the room
my brother looks like a star,
again... may you lot 
last until the end,
 see you after the honey moon,
in your new beginning.

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