Saturday, 27 August 2016

Power struggle

What if men had more power,
it would not serve
the balance for peace,
instead war would increase,
there will be individuals
who would choose to fight
for what's right,
but where there is
justice for light,
opposition offers
the demons of the night.

We are used to demons by now,
democratic demons
are our sons of the morning;
I rise to see them on a media station;

terror is spoken,
continues as lunch time discussion
Sunset to moon rise,
it's on our mind,
on all the time
even when we unwind,
subliminally in our shows,
showing their same signs,
we're sleeping, their creeping,
thinking more ways to control our life.

We believe in a savior
when all is in our favor,
but when all is against us,
we ignore our faith
roll with the lower players.

A world where rulers are measured
by wealth and not words,
words of no value
is the new language,
truth became foreign
as lies tongue is rampant
spoken in all accents.

I love the people,
I hate the evil,
good tends to win,
ugly wants a sequel,
but there will be no trilogy
because we all know 
after number 3,
we won't be free,
franchise will redo
the same movie
from history
a horrible remake,
which we will watch,
but not critique.

Power is a trip,
only ends,
when the ego slips...
you should have
listened not to your
mind, for it is the heart
that gives the best tips.

Children of change
become controlled adults,
most start with heart,
but end up old broken souls,
reflecting days of deja vu,
they had a plan
but seems their
prints remained blue;

why most are inside out,
struggling with their emotions,
controls most of their outcomes,
is temporary because
keeps them stagnant,
hates that you don't move forward
with full zeal and passion.

We all have power,
the struggle will be over
when we quit
that final work hour,
seek to claim back
such control,
you must make a move
which is bold,
something that will
enhance the experience
of your soul...
please "dear reader"
find out what that is
do it until you're old.

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